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    Currious on the best price for an efi equippem mower in your area is. Any make is fine preferr 72". I am doing a little research and will pass the results on what I have found locally. It might supprise you!
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    Maybe you should re-word your post? Sounds a bit confusing.

    Why not just give us the information that you found surprising?

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    You are probably right tommy and I should have been more correct with my spelling. Did not take my time with it.

    The supprising thing is the pricing is all over the place from even the same manufactures. And with a little searching you can get an efi machine for basically the same as a carb unit!
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    Bring all the information you have to us, this sounds interesting!
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    I'm watching and waiting.
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    "most of the time" a similar ZTR will cost $1,000 more though this may vary. But it is often the case. According to a Survey done by Walker it will take you about 1000 hrs to make up the price difference in fuel savings. This is the most detailed study I have seen. No doubt if you shop around one dealer will have one at a lower price than another but $1000 is a good rule of thumb. I think Exmark is no longer going to aggressively market the 28 efi Kohler since the 28 carburated kawasaki came out. Not sure why. Here is a good post to read if you haven't already:

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    Okay pricing has varied a lot lately!

    First up Hustler 60" $10999
    Second with a 66" $10999
    Third wita a 72" $11,350

    Next dealer same brand is as follows
    60" $10400
    66" $10500
    72" $10595

    60" $11500
    66" $11700
    no 72"

    Next dealer same brand
    60" $9400
    66" $9400

    Dixie chopper
    72" $8999 while supplies last!

    The supprise to me is this one not only for what you get but also because I did not know that they made them!

    County Clipper
    60" $9295
    72" $9495

    All models are with the 28hp efi Kohler and fully loaded units! What is supprising is the fact with a little shopping the prices are about the same or in the Dixie's case cheaper than carbed units!
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    has anyone ran a country clipper

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    I have run a boss and a charger and I am impressed with them. There is a company here that mowes some large acreage like I do I beleve they do somewhere areound 200acres a week and they use a 72" boss and really like it!

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    I am collecting some prices on scags with the dfi engine.

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