Best employee with substance issues. What would you do

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A guy I used to work with went heavy after the bottle and literally drank himself to death. Laid on the couch for 2 weeks before he was checked on.


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Thank you for all the responses. As expected there is no silver bullet here but there are plenty of ideas to ponder and it’s appreciated.
Come back with more questions

I gave a brief response but could write a book about this

As a boss or owner this subject is different then a friend or family member dealing with drugs or alcohol

As a human it can be hard to watch a good person get ruined by addiction and not want to help

I worked for a larger company that payed for rehab for a functional alcoholic that was a good guy but started with a drink at lunch that turned into being drunk by lunch

To a smaller company that a guys bagged lunch was all nips found by the manager he was spoken too and lasted less than a week
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I have been around this lifestyle for well over 30 years now and if this gentleman has children thats about the only thing i've seen that will motivate someone to change their ways.
Theres a few ways another one is hitting bottom


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This situation sucks and emoyee doesn't know how lucky he is to have you trying to help him without him even knowing.

Company truck at the liquor store every day after work, if your vehicle is lettered this may look as a bad reflection on your company. Even if it's not things get noticed. They do. Maybe this is an avenue for you to approach him. Hey man, I've been getting calls about my truck at the liquor store....even if its after hours do your customers know when its after hours....
I need you to stop taking my truck to that store every day.....I know it's not good for you, you know its not....what can I do to help. Try to open the conversation. Dont threaten his job, just show its impacting business etc.....maybe that approach

On the owner do you know over the weekend he doesn't make a couple of trips, in a day....smelling like alcohol. That will look bad if people recognize your truck. Even worse, he may have slipped by without an accident or dui. But will catch up
Rock bottom maybe the answer for him. But a wreck in a company truck under the influence, kills someone? And you know this is a possibility. You know the right move you have to make.
No more company truck
Offer to help get help


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I swear I had this same employee but he didn't smoke. A dui was enough to get him fired. He was not a driver of my trucks so I never ran his license. That dui ended up being his #6 and he did 11...29 for it.

As a 15 yr pack a day former smoker quitting ain't an easy choice. The smokers I have hired I've let them smoke only on lunch break outside of the truck. They didn't like it but that's the only choice they got. And I've have just a few prospect hires decide not to work when I told them the smoke policy.

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