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  1. Mike_Smith

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    This has nothing to do with plowing buisness, but my personal plowing for my private road. What equipment do you guys recommend for a private 1 1/2 mile single lane gravel/dirt road on the middle of the high elevation area of new york called the tug hill. This place can get up to 600 inches in a single season and can get up to 7 feet in 24 hours. I'm moving to this area and am going to decide if its feasible to be able to take care of my private road. I have a lifted 4wd vehcile than can get through about 3 feet of snow so I don't need the road cleared of snow down to the gravel. Also, the machine can't be to big because its a fairly narrow road that cuts through a forest. Its preety much a logging road.

    Thanks ahead.
  2. Mike_Smith

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    OH, I don't have the money to hire anyone and I'm in the middle of nowhere and we have DAILY blizzards, PLUS I love plowing so hiring someone is out of the question. All I want to know is whats the best equipment for the job.
  3. tru cut

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    I know what you are talking about i live just north of you about an hour.we go to tug hill on the sleds alot.Ithink your best bet is to got a v plow it will slice right though the snow in the v posession. what make and size truck do you have. A v should only be mounted on a 3/4 ton or larger
  4. Mike_Smith

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    A 1 ton with a v plow will be able to handle these type of conditions??:(I'm just making sure you understand what the conditions are like)
    The drifts can get up to 25 feet alongside the road during the harshest winters. You'd have to knock all that snow down. A 1 ton wouldn't move an inch in a 25 foot drift.
    Am I wrong?
    This is some serious stuff here.
    Plus, you have to be able to move the snow on top of each other so its possible to have drifts 50 feet high during the 'harshest of the harsh' winter. Also, snow on the tug tends to fall at HUGE AMOUNTS at one time, which makes plowing 6 feet of freshly fallen possibly wet snow for 1 and 1/2 miles hard.
    This is what a guy said who lived there. He couldn't cover 800 feet(just his driveway) with a 3/4 ton with chains, forget 1 and 1/2 miles(HE DIDN'T HAVE A V PLOW THOUGH). I was thinking of some kind of heavy machinery like a agricultural tractor with a huge plow or something else???
    If a 1 or 3/4 ton can do it, FANTASTIC!
    Thanks ahead.

    Also, obviously since this is a private road, I can take any type of equipment on it.
  5. John Allin

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    I feel like I just stepped through the looking glass....

    Where am I, Alice ??

    Sounds like an Oshkosh 6 wheel drive truck might be the ticket. You can pick them up at municipal auctions for chump change in the spring as most people don't know what it is and what it will do. Oshkosh has parts for anything they ever built too.

    I know a fellow south of Chicago that has a major league snowblower for sale that mounts on a truck (if he still has it). It's huge, although I don't know particulars. He might just deliver it to you too. Good guy. Honest person and won't sell you junk. If you're interested, email me off forum and I'll give you his name and phone number.

    600 inches..... my God, why would you intentionally move to such an area ??
  6. Mike_Smith

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    Thanks for the info.
    Why would I move there?, I'm a SNOW NUT!
    I wish it was 2000 inches.
    Anyway, I was just finding out what I needed because I'm deciding whether or not to buy land that has a 1 mile private drive. I wouldn't be ready to buy that snow blower right now, I'm buying the land this spring, building a home, then next spring buying a farm about 20 miles away from there and then moving in to my home I had built last spring and then I will need the equipment to plow the road.

    I don't want to buy the land and then find out I need a $50,000 truck to clear my road!

    Just for info, how much does that truck usually run?
  7. Mike_Smith

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  8. diggerman

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    Farm tractor with rear snow blower would work fine for this, that is what they use here in Iowa for long drives.
  9. John DiMartino

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    I think you are going to have to plow every 6-8" with a pickup or 1 ton truck,and hire out a blower or big truck to blow back the banks twice a month or so.Maybe a big 2-3 yd loader would do a good job,and allow you to let it build up if you had to and still be able to handle it.To blow back banks a 3ph snowblower would work well,and they arent to expensive,but driving in reverse for 3 miles wouldnt be fun or good on the neck.As for anything being cheap,even if you get an old cheap truck,when it breaks,it will be $$$$ or youll have to get rid of it and buy another.If you go that way,you need to know how to do your own work on most stuff.
  10. GeoffDiamond

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    It is gravel right?

    A cat D6 dozer, with inclosed cab. Will hadle the job no problem, once the ground is frozen, the cat will out scrape cleaner than any truck plow on the market.


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