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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by advantage landscaping, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. advantage landscaping

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    Hi, I started mowing this year as a summer job (I'm 16).

    I bought a used wb Scag belt drive 36'' 2003 model, advantage deck. I run an ECHO trimmer and blower as well.

    What is the best equipment (in value, initial cost, productivity) for me? I am comfortable with larger equipment but not sure if it's necessary. I don't have a lot of money to play around with to do it....

    I currently run 8 lawns a week because during the school year I have to get them all done on the weekends... Is it worth it to buy larger machinery to do more?

    I also like it when the lawn is striped nicely... is there a better brand than this? My scag sometimes stripes, and sometimes it doesn't...

    Thanks for the advice!!!
  2. WhitakerServices

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    your scag will make you lots of money if you take care of it. Run what you have until you make enough to upgrade but don't feel like you have to go out and buy a ztr. Wait until you have enough work to justify the large purchases. Keep your blades sharp and Add an edger to your set up and you are good to go.
  3. leeslawncare

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    Son ,Iam proud of you ..Take what you got an price your self like the market in your area .Prove you quaility by your work.Don't cut your self short by the "big" lawncare guys in your area.Yes everyone can cut grass....but.quality an dependabilty is what count in this biz.I wish i could have been as eager as you are at your age..but I hit a clock for some one else !.Good luck young friend .Let me know p/m me if you ever need any advise.Lee
  4. Jusmowin

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    That sounds like a good set up for small yards. You also might want to think about a 21 inch mower for some tight places or as a back up and a stick edger. BTW... what are you hauling this stuff around in? truck or trailer
  5. IHusky

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    Look at getting a stripping kit for your Scag if you like your lawns striped. Keep the 36 scag, there the best. What you have is fine. I see alot of full timers that only run about what you have. Your cost will go up if you start to get into the bigger equipment. 36 walkbehind is such a great size mower for what you are doing.

    WALKER LANDSCAPE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My advice is like everyone else my young LCO guru Stick with what you have and build from that. Alot of us started with a lot less than what you have. keep striving for your goals.
  7. TurfGuysInc.

    TurfGuysInc. LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like a good setup, I'm also curious to what you are hauling your stuff around with.
  8. Indatreez

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    mt bike with a 10 ton^
    keep at it young one and you will make sum $ in time.
  9. advantage landscaping

    advantage landscaping LawnSite Member
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    haha .... no, no mt. bike.

    I actually had a trailer lined up... but let a long story be short and the insurance company told me i'm 16 and its a no go (wanted $4,000 liability ins.) . The mechanic who services my equipt. told me he has extra trailer plates but I am trying to run a fairly legal, and I mean fairly, business.

    So anyways I haul it around in the back of my Ford Ranger. Its a bit tight though.. a 36'' mower in a 38'' bed. Everything fits, but if I have to go back to do anything else that means another trip home to unload...! fertilizing is one trip, trimming bushes is another....

    Do we have a consensus on the striping kits? I saw one online, a 33'' for about $200. Good buy? Any brand people use?

    thanks for the help... I have worked at golf courses for 2 years so I have a decent idea of what keeps grass healthy and looking good. I started in July and put about 2,000 into it and have already got it almost back. Looking to pull $8-10,000 next year which is about 5 times what the average summer job pay is (not to mention I get paid about 25/hr in this vs. 8-10 anywhere else) haha
  10. lifetree

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    Excellent advice !!

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