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Discussion in 'Network: International' started by HayBay, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. HayBay

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    I have been trying to get a decent supplier for Seasonal products.

    My not so local ZTR dealer is 1 Hour away from me in Trenton Ontario. He is a good guy and decent service but I would like to eliminate some of the middlemen from my purchases. He is buying from a Canadian reseller who buys from a US Company.

    That works out to more cash for me to pay out.

    $50 for 1 mower blade.
    $75 for 1 mower deck belt.

    When I was in Mississauga, Cliffs Lawn, Current Power would gouge me even worse on prices, and their service didnt hold up to my new Trenton Supplier. Finding reasonably priced suppliers has been difficult. Especially when you see the prices the American boys are paying.

    Where do you guys in Ontario buy your stuff?

    I talked with a guy from CEO in Barrie Ontario and he can get me the Classen Split Drive Aerator for $3800 Canadian (24") what do you think? T25 I think it was.

    Im still recovering from the $7000 Snowway HT Plow from Cliffs. I even payed him cash, he wouldnt accept a credit card because of the 2 - 5% charge he gets from visa. (Then we only get 5 snow events in Napanee this year, Parry Sound was basically snow free which is unusual)

    SHould I just pay these people and quit bitching about prices?

    Are these suppliers making more money than they should or is it
    really that expensive to run an Equipment supply company?

    Lets hear it......
  2. amw

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    i would see if you can order from
    great prices, and friendly people they ship all over i think but you would need to ask.

    their about 20mins from me. justy started using them this year.

    hope this help.
  3. HayBay

    HayBay LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    Yes J-Thomas. I will have to drive down to michigan one day and pick up some stuff from them. They are about 25 miles from the Sarnia, Port Huron border I hear.

    I think I am about 6 hours away from there now. Long drives and I don't get along.

    Michigan must be Lawn Services Central. Is it that big there?
  4. Grassmechanic

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    I am at a border crossing (5 blocks from a Canada/U.S. ferry). If any of you guys want to buy something from J. Thomas, have it shipped to my place, and I'll hold it till you come and get it.
  5. shepoutside

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  6. HayBay

    HayBay LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    Thanks for all the help I have received on this site,
    I have hooked up with a few people now from ontario.

    Rick from Outdoor equipment supplies in hamilton. This guy has some pretty good stuff. From sprayer Equipment to chemicals in bulk, Overseeders, The Jungle Jack.

    GCDuke in Burlington. These guys supply the dealers, I dealt with Mark, He can get your dealer most anything.

    The Dealer I have just met in Kingston. Pleasantview Greenhouses (this guy is not on the internet). He gets me whatever I have needed so far. Very friendly, good prices. New, demos and older new stock.

    Just test drove a Gator Rator with a Bobcat Textron ZTR.

    I don't mind spending money on Dealers that appreciate it. Not the humming and hawwing that I get from others that talked a good story until I signed on the dotted line.


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