best financing?

Scenic Lawnscape

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For a company that is just starting out, so the credit issue arises, which company/manufactuer is the easiest to get financed?? I am looking at financing around $10,000 with $1,500 down..any ideas

Metro Lawn

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Rich, I don't know if they are around any more.. but I use to go through a place called Agri-Credit. I don't remember where they were either. Been about 15 years. I pay cash for everything now. Call John or Mike at Pro Mower.. They use a couple of companies like that I think. Hope it helps.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
If you have 1500 cash start with no debt, by a used walk behind like a 36, and get a promise to pay note from the bank to buy trailer, trimmer, and blower. get 90 day note earn your money pay it off and feel the freedom of keeping your money then pay cash for what you need next year.

Jim H

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No. Georgia
Are you getting a better rate than you would with a credit card? How about one of those 0% interest cards for the first 12 months or so? I am investing about that much too and was going to pay cash, but had a friend talked me into putting it on a card until I know I won't need the cash laying around. If a bank is going to loan you $10K for a year and not want any interest...why not take it, espcially if you are not sure how well things will go.


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Smithfield, NC
I financed my initial startup buy of about $10,000 through the bank. The equipment company I bought from had finance options with as little as $500 down but I got a better deal through my bank. I also purchased a used WB about a month and a half later and payed cash for it. $3,000. Do what you have to do to get started and bust your butt to keep the payments made. Not everyone can pay cash for $10,000- $15,000 worth of equipment like some of these guys say they did. If I had that much cash on hand, I'd keep doing what ever I was doing before this.