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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by nlminc, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. nlminc

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    Any ideas on how to target lighting customers. What works best? I was thinking the yellow pages and direct mail. What does landscape lighting fall under in the yellow pages? There's no listing here.
  2. Frog Lights  LLC

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    Please give me a call at my office and I will give you some good ideas to get positive results. If I am out just leave a message
  3. Broker

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    Frog make the 411 public or give me a call 216.389.4333 and let me know.
  4. Frog Lights  LLC

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    Some ideas are:
    Coupon mailing via Val Pak, you can select the zip codes to send to so you can find the best areas for likely customers.
    Mail to you customer list: send them an offering for free estimate or a special for fall
    Good living Magazines: in most areas there are free magazines (or subscription) for good dining or similar. This is a great place to advertise for upscale people read this.
    Make a deal with other contractors ... you will do this installation and pay them a commission or fee. The same can be arranged with local garden centers. Most are now very interested in night lighting.
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  5. Rock-Lights

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    nlminc, do you have a website? I have a lot of experience in online marketing and I'd be happy to help. Just e-mail me :)
  6. NightScenes

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    Don't spend a fortune on advertising. I have used yellow page adds, direct mail, door hangers, you name it, I've done it. When I complete a lighting installation, I put out my yard sign. I also put one light on my sign!!! That and referrals make up 90% of my business. My truck signs make up another 5%. That means my advertising doesn't really pay for itself but you need to do some, just to have your name out there.
  7. Dreams To Designs

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    I'll second Paul's advice. All of my business comes from referrals and partnering with other landscapers that do not have the time or knowledge to install lighting. With landscape lighting, all you will need is the lead, you will be able to close most deals with a well thought out and informative presentation. When you do one install in an area, all the neighbors will want professionally installed lighting.

    When you explain to potential clients that they will be able to enjoy their landscape after dark, when traditionally it has been virtually invisible, they will usually give you the go ahead with a budget. If they are hesitant about spend a lot of money, create the best you can with their limited budget. More often than not, they will call you back to install the design you had originally proposed or add as much as they can afford.

  8. steveparrott

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    I agree with the other posts. Print ads are very expensive and sometimes don't pay for themselves. Most green industry veterens find it important to have a small ad in local papers, but never in bigger papers. Coupon mailers tend to reach the wrong audience and tend to favor bargain hunters.

    By far, the most cost-efficient and important advertising is a website. Hiring a pro design company is a must. Expect to pay around $5,000 and watch that investment pay for itself many times over!
  9. NightScenes

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    Hello Steve,
    I created my own web site with free software that I down loaded on the web. It costs me about $200 a year for web hosting and about $25 per year for my domain. I built my website in about 2 days originally, and have added to it over the past couple of years. It is always important to keep a website up to date. I used Homestead, for my site but there are others out there as well. I have gotten a couple of thousand hits on my site this year.
    I just wanted to say that I don't think you have to spend a lot of money to create a good site.

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