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    A thick lawn that won't allow weeds to germinate. Sounds too simple?

    September is the optimum time to turn a crappy lawn into a lush post card lawn in 2-3 weeks. Most companies have no idea how profitable and easy lawn renovation work can be. I started Lawn Solutions with the money I made part time doing renovations every fall while I was designing products for GE.

    Try one (experiment) on your own lawn this fall, kill off the grass / weeds you don't want and will change how you look at running your business next year I guarantee it. Watch the video on our website on seeding and do just what it says, nothing more is really is this easy. Our 9hp seeder specifcially, is so powerful you can level a rough lawn and seed it all at the same time in a matter of minutes (ground needs to be hard and dry).

    If your renting, our 6hp machine is a toy compaired to the 9hp Revitalizer. We made the 6hp model for novice homeowners. The 9hp is quick and incredibly powerful.

    The videos and rental locator is on our website. It will show dealers and rental stores who have our products in your area.


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    i think you have very nice looking products
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    I used this for the first time last week on about 8 lawns. I am hoping for nice results. This was the easiet slit seeder by a long shot to use. The video is what conviced me to travel an hour and 20 minutes passing several rental places. Can't wait for the results

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    Good machine easy to use But if they dont water it wont grow and they wont be happy
    Charles Cue

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