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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Caddyshack Lawn Care, Apr 26, 2013.

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    I just ran across this forum yesterday and had no idea one like this existed. Until now I'd always just suspected that other mowing guys may or may not have had similar thoughts.

    1. My wife almost died laughing when I told her how excited I was to find this forum. Normally I drive her nuts 7 months of the year talking about little else than lawn care.

    2. A brief intro. I entered the field 15 years ago when an elderly neighbor's lawn grew to about eighteen inches. I started mowing it because, well, that's what neighbors do. A year or so later on one of those 100+ degree days I saw the cleaning service pull up and thought "they're not in the a/c working for free. why am I doing this for free?" So I started charging them and the next thing I know my phone started ringing off the hook from other neighbors. Soon I had to enlist help from a buddy to help me keep up. Then he quit his office job to do it full-time. I still have my office job, but work at this another 40-50 hours/ wk. And love every minute of it this time of year. By November I'm pretty tired and ready to start winding down for the season.

    3. I'm fortunate to work in a town where mowing crews wave at one another and stop to open their coolers for them on hot days. It's competitive on the business front though, but one thing most of us do not engage in is price wars. There is all the business anyone could ever want, so very few of us work on the cheap. I

    4. It's nice to be able to vent to people who understand how frustrating it is to deal with lowballers, and people who want their lawn to always look manicured, "but don't mow it more than once a week".

    5. Surely I'm not the only one who has fantasies about cutie customers. And yes, it's weird that they all involve lawn care in one manner or another. They usually start by being offered a drink after mowing...

    6. I can't be the only one who has been distracted (in my case by an aforementioned cutie) and jumped in the truck only to hear an expensive piece of equipment I forgot to load being crunched.

    7. Or jumping back in the truck, proud of myself for having made such good time, only to glance over and see that the reason I made good time was because I'd forgotten to mow part of the yard.

    8. One thing I hate is getting a check in the mail, it's not for what it should have been so I check the invoice I sent....sure enough I neglected to include all the work I did. They paid what they were billed.

    9. You're sure you've got plenty of premix in the blower or trimmer when you start a lawn, but you're always 5-10 seconds away from being done when the engine starts sputtering from fuel starvation.

    10. You pull up at the same time that another crew pulls up next door so you naturally smile and wave, but you step up your pace.

    11. You've just finished your last lawn of the day, it's just starting to rain, but the guy next door to the one you just mowed is still workign on his lawn so you take your equipment over to help him real quick.
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    lol I like your speed, welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I like your honesty.....:drinkup:
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    Ah yes the cuties.... God bless spring and summer and god bless all the cuties that take advantage of that nice weather and jog/walk the dog and make me un productive and inefficient. I see "talent" coming up the street I time it perfectly so I get a good look, hell even if that means mowing the front yard twice. I get no retirement/heathcare/paid vacation so it's really one of the only perks I have.
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    Welcome to the forum!:waving:

    Caddyshack said:

    Yep, I sure do:laugh:

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