Best Free Advertising???


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North Texas
Hey guys I know everyone is going to say word of mouth which we all know is the best but besides that what do you guys get the best results for your efforts.
Craigslist??? Business Cards or Coupons placed at different stores/shops??? Everyone throw your Ideas out here and see what we come up with.....


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Get some business cards, a decent shirt, some dockers and work boots, and start talking to people. It really is that easy.


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There is no best. Sometimes one thing will work well for a while, then not.
There are a lot of sources for free advertisement, the only one I do not bother to use is craigslist, but I have read others who say it has been good for them. Use all or at least most of them and find out how they do. If there is a best for all time free advertisement, then it would have to be YOU! I always say hi to people I see, and most of the time I smile. I dress in work clothes, but I make sure (when I can), that I and the crew look presentable enough to be approachable. Many of my customers are people who I just happened to meet by chance while working in their neighborhood.

But because they are free (or at least cheap) use them all:

Angies list,Facebook, linkedin, and all the other online stuff
Truck lettering
chamber of commerce
Neighborhood association meetings


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Hooper Utah
The newspaper does well for me, though not free. A sharp dressed walk in to the gas station etc. With a professional bid, welcome letter, and business card has landed me commercial jobs. Bottom line is use them all.


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Sometimes all it takes is to get lucky and one yard and before you know it you are cutting half the neighborhood. I think lettering your trailer would be good maybe putting a phone number on your mower, shirts and word of mouth. Some people do direct mail out but its far from free lol. get out there n knock on doors. stomp some concrete


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Clearwater, FL
Hey there! Here's a few free marketing tips I recommend:

1. Start collecting customers and new leads email addresses. Let them know you email out coupons and specials. Sign up with an email service like iContact and start emailing out weekly or daily specials, new menu items etc. Send anything to keep your business on their mind.

2. Find local businesses within a couple of miles who have 25 or more employees. You can find out how many there are by running a mailing list count online. Go in person, call them, or send a letter or postcard introducing yourself. Tell them you’d like to offer their employees a coupon for your services. See if they would be open to giving out coupons to their staff. Once their staff start coming in with their coupons, don’t forget tip #1 above to stay in touch with them.

3. Find nearby businesses with heavy foot traffic (who are not competitors). Visit them in person and see if they would be interested in a flyer swap. You will give their flyer to your customers if they will give out yours to their customers. If you can work it out so that you will each include a flyer in every bag with a purchase, this will be more effective for both of you rather than just leaving flyers on a counter or cork-board.

4. Start giving customers coupons for their next visit every time that they come in - Make sure the coupon includes an expiration date to encourage them to come back soon. If your average customer comes in once a week, make the coupon expire in the next couple days to encourage them to come back sooner than they normally would.

5. Sign up for free local online business listings with the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

6. Ask your best customers to review your business on Google, Yelp, Superpages and any other free online review sites.

Hope these ideas are helpful. If you'd like more detailed info on these free marketing methods, the company I work for (PostcardMania) created several e-reports. You can access them here: