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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Capemay Eagle, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Capemay Eagle

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    Thinking about adding a handheld blower, just for those quick and easy cleanups. I have never really researched them so I really don't know anything about them. I would certainly like to get a Stihl, but I would like to know which models are the best. My first question is, are there any makes that can produce the kind power of a backpack blower or close to it? I would certainly like the most powerful one I can get. Again I would like to get some feedback on some of the best models on the market. Not worried about the price, just pretty much the best. Thanks in advance.
  2. avguy

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    I have the Stihl BG85 handheld and the Stihl BR600 magnum. I've had the handheld for several years and it's a very reliable blower. My wife likes to use it to clean up the patio area because it's easy for her to handle and always starts. I have no idea if the BG85 is the "best" handheld out there but it works well for us. There is absolutely no comparison between the BG85 & the BR600. Hope that helps.
  3. IS500Z

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    I have a Stihl BG86 (the replacement for the 85) and it has proven to be a reliable blower. It does not have the power of my 550, however, but I do like it for the quick cleanup jobs. There may be more powerful handhelds out there but it seems that the transition to when a backpack makes sense cannot be far above the output of the BG86.
  4. Dave Archer

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    For the price and the power, I went with the Redmax HB281. It is basically a Husqvarna 125B but is red and they pulled the decibels to 70 instead of the around 100. In addition, I believe they took care of the fuel line issue they were having with the 125B. I paid 140 with tax for the 281 and it has a great deal of power. I did have the Echo 250LN and took it back as it didn't have the blowing power I needed. I do think the specifications Echo listed are grossly overstated and inaccurate. It had an issue blowing sticks, small gravel and rocks so I got rid of it. I did like the rotational control on the tube but found when I wanted to remove the tube, it proved a challenge once it was locked in three clicks. The Redmax HB281 non strato charged has a tube that locks in nicely and is easy to remove. It also has rotational control and a pretty good variable cruise control. It moves small rocks, gravel, sticks, and leaves. For approx 108 dollars more one can own the BG86 which I used to have. For that amount of money more it SHOULD have rotational control and a variable cruise control, but it does not. Maybe the rotational control changes the CFMs and MPH levels which is why Stihl has not done it. One can definitely feel the counter pull of the machine which proves tiring over the extent of weeks and months. I looked at the Shindaiwa 4 stroke blower and chose against it due to the weight and power. I do think the HB281 should have an anti-vibration feature but it does not, so I put some anti-vibration foam on the handle. You can also buy the anti-vibration wrap if you want to spend 30 bucks. I spent 6 bucks on the foam. The cruise control on the HB281 seems not to hold at very low rpms but the Echo did better. Keep in mind that Redmax states 170 mph but fails to state it is with the duck bill nozzle. The standard nozzle is rated at 134 mph. The CFMs on the 140 dollar Redmax are impressive. Time will tell how this machine works out compared to the BG86. If I have any issues with it, I will probably get the BG86.
  5. BIRCH'S

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    Just purchased a BG86 today. ( my first actual brand new piece of equipment)
    Had to go buy it on the fly, my used backpack crapped out on me. Got it to the job, started super easy ( I know its new :)
    Made quick work of the drive way and side walks that I was on :) Very pleased. just my .02 :)

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