BEst head option/spacing??

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    Hi All,

    I have an are that is 18ft wide and about 100ft long that has turf grass and I need to install some irrigation. This area is essentially the area outside of the fence that borders the back yard between the fence and the road (corner lot).

    Running the pipe etc is easy but I want to minimize water waste (don't want to water the fence or the road). Any suggestions as to head type, placement etc?

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    Everyone wants to 'minimize water waste' until they have to pay for the extra equipment it takes to not have any water landing here or there. The absolute minimum of material used would be for five square-pattern mist heads, as opposed to a dozen mist heads in a square pattern layout.
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    Cheap head would be hunter PS04-17A. Depending on your prefrence, 7 in a row, or 7 in one row and 5 in the opposing row if you don't want 4 corner heads. Possibly 6 in the opposing row with the end nozzles adjusted to not water any further out than you desire. Probably thirds instead of halves.

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