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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Splicer, Mar 18, 2006.

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    As an offshoot from another hearing protection thread, I would like to ask this:

    What is the best hearing protection to use? Once hearing is lost it won't come back so this is a precious commodity to me and should be to us all.

    In CATV I didn't need to be worried about hearing protection and at home I didn't really need it either. But this is different. Is there pretty much a recognized 'best' hearing protector out there? If music could be listened:headphones: to while not having to be so loud as to drown out motor noise (which creates another situation) but to listen to at a comfortable level, that would be a good thing IMO.
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    Ear muffs offer the best protection. They are rated by the decibel level. Been using worktunes for a few years and they work well. Although in our Texas summers ear muffs get hot and I usually switch to foam plugs.
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    Hearing protection is measured essentially by two factors:
    -decibel reduction and amplitude attenuation.
    Decibels is pretty much how loud a given noise is.
    The amplitude is the frequency at which the ear recognizes the noise.
    This is a very simplistic explanation regarding ear protection.
    The best hearing protection is one that you will use consistently.
    I go every year to an audiologist as I have custom molded ear plugs. The fit and function are checked by the audiologist during my visit.
    I pay about $85-$100 for a set of these plugs and they last for at least two years.
    These plugs are substantially more effective than muff style protectors in protecting my hearing.
    Additionally, they are much more comfortable as well.
    Consider the fact that I spent over six years in the military around heavy ordnance. Then factor in the half a million or so rounds I have fired during my considerable period in competition shooting.
    My hearing is well above average for a person my age, I do not suffer from headaches and the only bells I hear are from the bats in my belfry.

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