Best I phone case for the field?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by eggy, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. NJ Grass

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    I had the otter box but found it was difficult to slip into my pocket when not on the belt clip. It was large and the rubber would grip my pockets. I switched to the HTC ballistic case last year afte breaking the belt clip on the otter box. I love this ballistic case. It's like 3 cases in 1. Allowing you to slip off the rubber case when you just want to have it in your pocket, while still providing great protection. my ear phones fit with no problem. It has rubber plugs for the charger and ear phone ports to prevent dust, they work very well. I ordered one from amazon for under $20. They retail for around the same as the otter box so $20 was a steal IMO
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    Ok, I am extremely hard on phones, like most here - but my wife has now just broken the 4th (yes 4th) screen on her Iphone 4s in 14 months. And no, none of them were missiles headed my way......

    Today it broke while in a Otterbox Defendor, dropped from about 3 ft and landed flat.....

    What the heck do I get her that will actually last. And I might upgrade her to a 5, just because maybe a change will help?
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    I'll never buy another otterbox defender. Hit one with a mower, the case was fine/barely nicked but the phone shot out of the case and broke in half. I love lifeproof, been the best case I've ever owned. The thing I like the most is the slim shape of it vs the otterbox. I hate big phone cases. Ive purchased 2 so far. With that said I'm interested in the new otterbox that's waterproof.

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    Update: Purchased the Seidio Obex for my 5 based on the reviews. Case lasted less than a week and was returned. Sound quality was HORRIBLE. Also, the case is extremely slick, more so than the Lifeproof. Those are the only 2 waterproof cases on the market that offer a belt clip. Back to the Otterbox and Invisishield for now.
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    I started using a blue tooth set so sound isn't an issue for me now. I'm using the Lifeproof on my Iphone 4 in a Nite Ize holster. The holster secures my phone better than the belt clips which seemed to always get hung up on my mower armrests.
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    Otterbox Armor series. Dropped it several times and have used it with wet pool/shower hands plenty of times as well.

    For what it's worth, the girl at the ATT store said it's crush proof up to a couple tons, water proof to 6 feet for half an hour and of course dust proof (which is very true). She also said its milspec and issued to the military. Apparently they have a super cool government only satellite version of the iphone.

    I like mine, but it's a little hard to hear sometimes when I'm around something else that makes noise.
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    As a marine I'm a firm believer in the life proof case. Expensive but I've taken it in the water with no problems. It will take a beating. I've been in the field with it. Rifle range. Gas chamber lol. It's your best bet.
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