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Best LCO points leaders

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Team Gopher, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Team Gopher

    Team Gopher LawnSite Platinum Member
    from -
    Messages: 4,040

    Current standings. Please consider submitting your pic posts into the challenge.

    Points awarded each challenge and are totaled at end of year for best overall LCO award.

    Remember to win best overall LCO of the year award, you don't have to do one thing great, but do many things good.

    <table bgcolor="white"><TR><TD colspan="2">[​IMG]</td></TR><TR><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Rank</TD><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Company / Points</TD></TR><TR ><TD width="68">1</td><TD>Nature Care - 16pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Five Star - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Green Quest - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Greenworld-Irrigation - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Groundcover Solutions - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Quality Lawncare & Landscape Management - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Roscioli Landscaping - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">2</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Union Turf - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">3</td><TD>Smith's Landscaping - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">3</td><TD>A Perfect Lawn - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">3</td><TD>Liberty Lawn & Landscape - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">4</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">A.M.W. Lawn Care & More - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC" width="68">4</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Clean Cut - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">4</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">M & M Lawn Care - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">4</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Thompson's Landscaping - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">4</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Meier's Landscape Maintenance - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">5</td><TD>Four Corners Lawn & Landscaping - 4pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">5</td><TD>Avery Landscaping - 4pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">5</td><TD>Gall Lawn Service - 4pts</td></TR>

    Congratulations to everyone that have entered so far.

    last updated 8/26/04
  2. chefdrp

    chefdrp LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,384

    what is this? please tell me

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