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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mike M, Apr 6, 2008.

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    I am going to mention something I learned the hard way, but would love to see others!

    This year I calculated the total cuts for the season, multiplied by how much per cut I wanted (a few models for a few sizes), added cost to fert the whole season, lime, soil test, and monitor/adjust sprinklers, and then divided that total number by 7 months.

    I sat at my kitchen table and had 7 sheets of labels, each sheet had my address and then the particular month, e.g., Attn: April Lawn Care. I have these in little stacks for each customer, with a refrigerator magnet business card clipped to the stack. "Staples" has the magnets with an adhesive on the back to attach your card.

    I got sick of trying to sell each "add-on" as they came up, so I totaled any of that, also, such as hedges, mulch, fertilizer, etc. Plus, having to mail a different bill each month for that month's total cuts & service.

    Now, with my pre-addressed monthly envelope they will know if they paid for a given month, they will know how much the amount is for without a monthly bill, and their property looks great because I do everything I know it will need.

    To pull this off, I got away from mow-n-blow. I absolutely can't wait to do these lawns this year!
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    THAT'S how to make money.

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