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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jgarciasr, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. jgarciasr

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    I just came across an old post called Marketing Flops. However I was wondering what are some examples of marketing strategies that worked the best when you were trying to establish your lawn care biz. Maybe even give some numbers as to how many calls to expect for every X amount of flyers distributed, etc., etc.
  2. kmeku

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    I've roughly gotten about 10% call back on door to door distrubition if i'm lucky. I've gotten 90% from current customer referals and walk ups. That's always the best. Just get out ther and do a good job.

    good luck,

  3. Wells

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    I can only speak for myself, but in my situation the least expensive advertising has turned the best results.

    Example 1: I spent around $800 to have a professional looking high gloss ad created and run in a local magazine that many local companies advertise in. The magazine gets distributed to over 30,000 homes. The ad netted 1 actual call and about a dozen others from marketing companies trying to sell something.

    Example 2: I tried out radio advertising and spent $500 for a 30 second spot run twice a day for 3 weeks. The radio ads resulted in 2 calls.

    Example 3: Joined the local chamber of commerce $175, attended the weekly meetings, went to the networking events, donated time and money for functions, distributed plenty of business cards and made some great contacts but ended up with zero clients.

    Example 4: Spent $16 to run a classified ad in the local newspaper that ran for a weekend. Resulted in more than 30 calls.

    Example 5: Spent approx $25 to created and print fliers to distribute door to door. Resulted in around 20 calls.

    I guess what i'm getting at is, its been my experience that you don't need to spend allot to get good results.

    I have a good dozen more examples that backup the point that the least expensive advertising seems to gets the best results. At least thats been my experience.

    I was taking with a business owner the other day and we were discussing the yellow pages. He told me that clients have said that when they open the yellow pages they pass over the largest ads, even though they stand out, and they move on to the medium sized ads or the in-line ads because they feel that the larger ads are companies that will be over priced.

    Seems like everyone is looking for the least expensive person they can find. If that is true, then keep your advertising simple and cheap.

    Like kmeku said, let your work sell itself. The properties you service will become your best form of advertising.
  4. TGG

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    I will totally agree that cheaper is better and so far has resulted in the most biz. I went down to home depot got $2 worth of supplies, printed a sign out on my computer and it has resulted in close to $4000 of biz in the last 2 weeks and calls are still coming in. It is really unbeliveable.
  5. lawn

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    TGG what kind of sign did you make? where did you put it? in your clients lawns?:confused:
  6. TGG

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    I just went to a sign shop and got 12" by 12" plastic signs made. They look like this. White back with green print.

    The Grass Guy

    Grass Cutting
    Power Raking

    They were $5 each for 50. I only have 6 of them up right now and have received close to $4000 of work in the last 2 weeks. I've got 1000 flyers I still need to put up.

    With the signs I just put them at the busiest intersections in the areas i want to work. They are close to the road and placed near a stop sign so people can write my # down. They are so so effective
  7. relgrass

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    I just purchased 10 signs for $5.00 each and placed the first one on my empty lot in a new subdivision. I haven't seen any other guys do this yet anywhere around the area I live in, so I hope to get business by being the first. Everyone else just seems to use the classifieds. I'll post an update later to notify you guys if attracts any business from the other lot owners in the area.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Flyers worked real well for me to get started. I knew 2 guys from my old job that distributed them, so I knew they were trustworthy.

    Most new business since the initial 30 or so customers came from referrals/neighbors of customers. Definitely key to have you name and number on your truck.

    The little neighborhood newsletters are another good, cheap way to target specific areas.

    If you go cheap, at least if you don't get much response you're not out a lot of money.
  9. Team Gopher

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    Wells Great Post!

    Hi jgarciasr,

    Here is a book that is full of ideas to promote your company on a low budget.

  10. fairwayCuts

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    I never really though of it that way, but your prob right. If I send out a flyer that looks like it cost me a lot of money, they know I've got to pay for that flyer somehow. Whereas if I send out a "cheap" flyer, they might figure that the cost are going to be lower. I think with this principle though you still want to make sure your flyer, or whatever your advertisement is, is still professionally looking.

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