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hey everyone. I was wondering what a good mask is for working. I can’t stand the smell of the lawn mower and all my equipment the fumes and gasoline smell are killing me and giving me headaches. What’s a good mask to filter all that crap out and so I can still breathe.


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Simple large particle dust masks won't filter out what the OP is likely reacting to.

The problem w/ many small particulate dust respirator masks is that they can be challenging to breathe through while exerting oneself IE running a walk behind mower. When I use these I don't smell anything, but these may not filter down to the proper micron sized particles if one is experiencing headaches/etc...

Chemical filtering masks can be even more challenging to breathe through if one is exerting themself.


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I thought the scream mask would be good, but for other reasons... and it wouldn't help your situation out, but it would be fun and hot!!!


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I can't even stand wearing a dust mask. No way I'm wearing a air tight mask like your talking about while doing physical labor out in the sun.

This industry may not be for you.