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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Sir mowsalot, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Sir mowsalot

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    I read on here alot about lco's using fliers for their advertisement, but ive never done that, so i was wondering what you others think is the best for the buck.

    I advertise in our daily newspaper, plus i run an add in a once a week shoppers type newspaper, both yield good results. And of course i have the truck lettered up, and t-shirts. I dont however have an add in the yellowpages, which i might start this year. Does the yellow pages yield good results, better than, say, the newspaper?

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    I don't know about in your area buy in my area it is quite expensive and when i ran my yellow page ad dollar for dollar just not worth it for volume of calls i got.
  3. Jpocket

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    I think that being in the yellow pages is the starting point for advertisement, even if it's in a small way. You never know who might call you, it's best to be there in case you land the account of a lifetime from it. Don't expect alot from the yellow pages, but i would atleast have a listing in there wether ppl. call or not.
  4. NEPSJay

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    If you are gonna get in on this years yellow pages, you better make some phone calls real quick like. Here in scranton, the new book comes out june 1.
  5. PaulJ

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    I put out a few fliers last year but didn't get any responce form them. Until yesterday I got a call for a quote from a flier I'd given out last spring.
    Last sring and this spring I am running a buisness card size add in the clasifieds section of the paper. Last year only a cou0ple calls and a couple small landscape rock jobs from it. This year so fal I have had more calls and gotten at least one cleanup and possible maintanence job. the add will be infor a couple more weeks then I might put a simple line add for a few weeks.
  6. Sir mowsalot

    Sir mowsalot LawnSite Senior Member
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    I forgot to mention, that i might run a radio add also. It will be targeted toward seniors, because there is an a.m. radio station that runs polka music from 9-11 every sunday morning. I did it before with my other business and i got pretty good results, however i ran an add on another station and they kinda ran it whenever but i didnt get any results at all, total loss.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i called the local newspaper in my town and they want more for thier ad than what i paid for my yellow pages ad :confused: :confused: they wanted $245 a month for 6 lines .
  8. mrusk

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    My paper is $280 for 5 weeks. Only 4 lines! Last year they had a special and i got 7 weeks for $250. I landed 3 jobs for 15k worth of work and recived a referral off one of those jobs which scored me another 12k worth of work.

    Hopefully i do as well this year with the add. Yellow pages really isn't that expensive when you work it out per a week. i got quoted 3k for 1/4 page add. Thats 57 bucks a week. Thats what i pay for 4 tiny lines in my news paper a week. It just sucks that you have to pay for yellow pages all year long.
  9. PGA

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    I run an ad in my local Catholic newspaper and thats about it as far as a full time ad.

    Other then that I do send postcards out quite a bit and Im thinking about advertising for a month in a small local newspaper that goes out to about 6 surrounding cities for the month of April.
  10. Plow_Boy84

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    around here there are about a million LCO's in the yellow pages. I would say stick with the papers and such, this would probably give you better results. I have never done the yellow pages but I know many who have and they all tell me it is way too much money and you dont get much work from it.

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