Best method for one man leaf removal in a large yard

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by macgyer58, Oct 25, 2008.

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    This would be a decent start. I would also add to try running the leaves over with the mower a couple times and shred them up as much as possible. I know in super heavy conditions its not the best solution but after doing it on several sites last season, it did make a good difference!
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    I use a backpack and rake if need be, to get them all out of the beds and onto the lawn. Now, before this year, I would destroy them with my mower ( meg-mow blades with chute blocker). Not bad results but when it got real bad, I had to tarp them. This year invested in a 3 bagger for the scag thinking it would be much faster. The answer is yes and no. Cleans up everything in one pass but then you need somewhere to dump (truck) and then re dump out of the truck when I get home into the compost piles.
    I think the only way to move leaves at a really fast pace is to hire someone.JMO
    I move a pretty good clip myself with my set up and it seems to work for me. good luck
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    I have a similar lawn setup. I went through the entire learning process before getting to the state I'm in now, which works very well. I own a Little Wonder blower. It works good for many tasks. It's a b@ll buster for herding leaves over larger distances and you're limited to when you can use it depending on the wind. Not to mention, it does nothing to chop up the leaves so they are free to blow back over time. I can blow them back into the woods and down the hill but the winds are relentless and do their work over time.

    So I bought a DR leaf and lawn vacuum. What an awesome tool. I tow that behind my tractor and can do an acre in less than an hour (probably 30 oaks and a handful of maples). I have to dump 2-3 times and they are chopped up into a fine pile. They never blow back.

    For beds, I bought the hose extension. Have you lifted one of those? It's a back breaker. Forget it, this works better- disconnect the hose from the mow deck and lay it down on the ground. Rake the leaves toward the hose and they get sucked up very easily. I have a 300' stone wall and numerous beds. This is the easiest solution I have found next to writing a check.

    My advice- look at the DR products compared to the Cyclone Rake. I think you'll see a big difference in quality and capacity.
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    Depending on how the trees are spaced, an easy solution might be to use a wheel blower and blow the majority on to a very large tarp......use the mower to drag the tarp close to the woods...repeat till you get the majority done. Use the mower and a vac system to suck up the remaining leaves, then quickly use the blower to blow them into the woods.

    Using a blower over any real distance with any decent amount of leaves is counter productive. You're good for about 150-200 ft then the pile becomes too large--even for the bigger blowers. A large tarp (I don't mean a 5 x 10 tarp) can hold a ton of leaves and the mower can drag it a real distance without too much effort--and really quickly.

    I only have the walk behind mower with the single trashcan trac vac system mounted on it--and it works great for a couple inches of leaves. Thicker than that, I haven't found anything quicker than a large tarp. The only issue is wet leaves which become too heavy to drag a large load. I've done pre- mulching and then pick them up, just plain tarping, blowing and tarping, trac vac alone and the issue is always the same---you gotta move a huge volume and a tarp seems to be the trick for long move more volume per cycle. I always wanted to build a hover tarp to reduce the tarp to ground friction... someday when I get a few months of time........sure!

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    The very best method is to mulch leaves into existing turf. I would mow lawn forward and in reverse with a mulch plate attached to the ZTR. Been doing it for years on heavily treed lots and you couldn't find one leaf if you tried.
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    what i would do for that is use my ferris walkbehind with side discharge and go to the middle of the property and discharge/ shoot the leaves out.. aiming them towards the woods.. i would continue in a circle and shoot the leaves out until all of them are on the outsides of the lawn
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    buy a backpack blower and dont go cheap. buy a tarp and a rake. blow the leaves into large piles, you will get to a point when you are only moving the piles a few inches at a time. when you get to this point start blowing from the other side to form piles. rake the piles onto the tarp, dont overload to where you are killing yourself dragging the tarp, no method is faster
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    The easyist and the cheapest way to get rid of the leaves is to call a SOLO Lawn Care Dude.
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    So I wonder how he did it? He must be done by now, he's had 4 years!!!!
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    maybe it took him 4 years to get a good system down. lol

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