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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by rockandroller, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. rockandroller

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    Any suggestions here would be great.
    I'm removing some old landscape rock from a bed in the front of my customers house in preparation for some new installs. I was already asked to remove some white 1"-2" white landscape rock, about 2 and a half inches or so, which I completed, only to find a layer of landscape fabric covering another 3-4 inches of brown 2" rock! This job sucks. I went back today to start working on the second layer when I got sick of breaking my back and had to get away..

    I'm a small 1 man operation thus big time equiptment is not in my arsenal. Wheelbarrow, shovels, and my trailer...Other than subbing it out, which I may do, what would you'll out there be using to excavate this out? Manpower? Bobcat? Also what would you'll charge for this? I'm thinking it may be worth my back for $220, which is one quote I got. If I didn't have plenty of work, I would defineately be on it myself.

    The bed is not large...80 sq. ft total? Also, once most of the rock is removed I plan on topping it over with a new layer of topsoil.

    Thanks for the advice
  2. sheshovel

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    well I would charge a bit more..$350.00 or more.
  3. CAG

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    probably a little low on price but that job even by hand shouldn't be that hard.
  4. rockandroller

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    The first round of rock wasn't too bad...Just skimming a couple inches off the top of some landscape fabric. But the next phase is much more labor intensive. About three to four inches of 2" rock buried in soil. Not my cup of tee when I can be making just as much doing bed clean-ups and mulching right now..
  5. robertsturf

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    Honestly I would use a Bobcat if possible. I have run into the same problem a regretted it. From now on I am putting in a clause in the bid about hidden or buried obstacles.
  6. Idealtim

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    Tell the home-owner, charge more and either hoof it out or rent-a-wreck for a day.Or they might not want to pay more now that they know it takes a lot more effort.And they must have known that was down there, right?The homeowner might want a whole different plan of attack now.
  7. hwm57

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    They make a rock-vac (use search on this site, I believe it was discussed in more detail elsewhere), its a trailer mounted vacuum with a large hopper. It is designed specifically for this task. We rent one locally for 150 a day, you may see if a local rental yard has one.
  8. rockandroller

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    Thanks for the replies..........

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