Best mid-grade zero turn for the money?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by dowtyt, Apr 24, 2013.

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    If this were a full time gig I would no doubt be buying the best, but mowing roughly 75 hrs/year on the rider, if my math is right, I don't need the best. Not too mention, I don't want to mow 2-3 years just to pay for the mower. Would be nice to pocket something for all that time spent working, right? That's why the $2999 is VERY attractive to me, but if spending $4K will double the life then I can justify that. $4500 is absolute max, but that would take me nearly 2 seasons just to break even. Doesn't sound fun. I'm basing my math on 4 accounts.
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    Hold out for a good used commerical machine. I got a lazer z hp 52" with 200 hours for 2750.00 mower was used a home guy moved and needed the money, I stole it, I would just wait for the right deal to come along. I took one ride on my buddies residential exmark and laughed at him and his 4500 price tag. Huge difference in mowers.
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    Look for a good used commercial zero turn or go with the Snapper Pro. If you went with a 48 inch deck, you can actually still use it on a lot of your smaller properties, you might be surprised. That would certainly help justify the expense of a zero turn. They can be very efficient.

    I would go with the 19 hp Kawasaki and the 48 inch deck in this one and you should be right around your $4500 limit:

    Oh yeah, the ICD deck is hard to beat for cut quality.
  4. weeze

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    i don't consider those mowers mid-grade. those are low grade. mid grade is a ztr that cost about $6000-$8000.

    i used my dad's husqvarna RZ5424 for awhile before i had my john deere z920a. it worked but when i got my deere it cut my mowing time in half.

    commercial mower is alot better. i didn't think there would be such a difference but the difference is huge. mostly in the amount of time you save by getting done quicker. also the deck will remain in adjustment and not get out of adjustment like a residential mower will over time. i've used my deere 3 seasons now and it's still in perfect adjustment. i've never had to touch it.

    if you get the husqvarna it should only cost around $3000 though not $4499.
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  6. GMLC

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    Ariens is not the same as Gravely. Gravely is owned by Ariens and they share some of the basic styling. Gravely is full commercial. Ariens is high end home owner.
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  7. larryinalabama

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    Thats good to know.

    A couple of years ago I compared pictures of each and other than the oaint and stickers they looked Identical.
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    That's not exactly right. Gravely does have residential units similar to the Ariens models.
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    You seem stuck on a home depot or Lowes mower cause of the price. Personally I would search Craigslist for a newer used commercial mower with key words like zeroturn, zero turn, mower, ztr, stander. Buy good now or pay for it later. Just think of the hassle of getting a box store mower fixed when it breaks.
  10. mbigred

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    A$3000 mower will not last the pumps can not take the day to day use. just my 2 cents

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