best mower for 1 acre residential use?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dippyduck, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. dippyduck

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    I am in the market for a mower to cut my 1 acre residence. I want a machine that will give a quality cut and provide years of productivity. About 1/4 of my yard has a large hill. I have numerous "mulched" trees and beds to cut around. Would I be better off with a commercial type walkbehind "exmark metro/viking" or a small rider- Hustler Fastrack? Also what would be the best size deck to allow for close trimming? I also would like to bag about 1/2 of my lot on occasion. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    Depends on what you want to spend. Rough figures on a 48" deck: $2750 belt drive walk behind, $5000 hydro walk behind, $6000 stand, $7000 rider. If you got a 20 degrees or more hill, get a hydro walk behind.

    I usually talk home owners into a 48" deck for 1 acres lot. Great trimming.
    I recommend the eXmark metro, bobcat belt drive, ferris belt drive or scag belt drives if cost is an issue.
    Other wise if cost is not an issue a hydro mower from the same companies and hustler. I also highly recommend the wright velke mowers. Built like a tank

    Figure $200 for a grassgobbler grass catcher. $250 for a velke sulky. (both built by Wright MFG)

    Now if you want something cool and you got the money. Check out a wright stander. (they built them and the velke mower in Fredrick, MD) I have two and love them. Very fast and can handle some steep hills.

    I think a rider is over kill for 1 acre. But if you want to be the Jones, not trying to keep up with the Jones. Its the only way to go.
  3. Mark McC

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    If you have a hill, you may need to go with a walk-behind. As far as trimming goes, any deck that's wider than the tires will do that, but the size of the machine says a lot about fitting into any nooks and crannies. Any commercial-grade machine will last years given your use.

    The hydro drives are a big help in backing up going uphill. As for bagging, if you're doing only your own place, you can get a Grass Gobbler or something of that sort for just about any kind of mowing machine.

    Bear in mind that more features means more $. A 36" walkbehind with belt drives and a fixed deck will start at around $2,200. I don't think you especially need a floating deck, but I do recommend a hydro drive if you go with a walk-behind. A zero rider just strikes me as overkill if all you're mowing is one acre once a week.
  4. what is your physical condition and age?
  5. dippyduck

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    Age 43. Good physical condition.
  6. chuckers

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    walkbehind i run scags but just guessing exmark is just a good um sulkey also will help or if you want to ride i would go with a small ztr like 48 or 52 inch atleast a 20 horse
  7. Green Pastures

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    Walker 48" GHS Deck 26 hp EFI Kohler motor
  8. jlewis

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    I have a 1 acre corner lot . The front and one side are "nice" hills. I also have numerous plantings around the yard, deck, pool etc. I had used a MTD rider for 7 years. I added 70 lbs worth of weight to the rear wheels and it could handle the hills.

    This spring I bought a JD GS45 - 48" gear drive walk behind. I have cut my mowing/trimming time in half! This is just walking behind the mower in second gear. (No sulky - yet) The deck over hang is perfect and I no longer have to trim around any of the trees - all of my trees have mulch rings. I can only imagine how much time I could save w/ a sulky and faster ground speed. After the first two cuts, the walking did not bother me.

    If money is not an issue, get the hydro. The gear drive does not have reverse or a true zero turn. I do have to apply some brake to one of the wheels so it tracks straight on the hills, but that gets easier with time behind the wheel.

    I am one of those anal people who even w/ the rider cut my lawn in 4 different patterns. The WB makes it sooo much easier.

  9. mkwl

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    Most of my accounts are 1 1/4 acre lots and my Bob-Cat 48" w/15 hp Kawasaki, belt drive, w/ Grass Gobbler is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Bob-Cat!!!!!!!!!!
    A Bob-Cat is the perfect mower for your application, also, their cut and striping are absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!
  10. chuckers

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    on that jd let some air out of the tire its turnin to or add air to the one you have to brake and taht should fix it you mean belt drive also?

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