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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Down Hill, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Down Hill

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    Hi! Great site!

    I bought a house last year that sits on a sloped acre from back to front. Much of the grassy areas are sloped. I'm not sure how sloped, but way too sloped for a riding mower. I currently use a Toro rear wheel personal pace. It is OK, but it lacks the power and deck size to help meget the job done easier.

    I'd like to get a commercial walk behind that can do the job. I am considering the Simplicity Pacer 1534 with the Hydrostatic drive, but I just don't know anything about commercial mowers. Some areas of my lawn are so sloped that I really need to muscle up on the Toro to get to them. I would like the new mower to help me cut horizontally accross some big slopes.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. ed2hess

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    Go down about 7 threads same subject..
  3. dcondon

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    Welcome to lawnsite. You should have no problem with any com WB. ZTR will go on very steep hills also. Can you send us some pics and maybe we can help a little better.:waving:
  4. Down Hill

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    OK... I've read the other post and it seems that a Hydrostatic mower should work. Is there a better/more economical choice than the Simplicity Pacer for a homeowner?

    I've also attached pics of the worst hill (there are others!).

    You can see in the first photo, my back yard. The top of that hill is tough to cut with my 22" Toro. I have to use most of my own muscle to get it up there and control it on that hill. Eventually, I want to build a retaining wall and leveling off the lower section while mulching/flowering the upper part. But right now I only have the finances for a new mower. Retaining walls aren't cheap from what I've seen. Even if you DIY with wood.Anyway, the second pic is the same slope from the opposite side of the yard.

    Again, any advice/recommendations are appreciated.


  5. Team-Green L&L

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    A hydro mower will hold the slope for a good part, but you'll still need to string trim 20 ft. or more on the top of the grade. I'd rather spend a grand on grading and buy a more cost effecient mower. A $5000+ mower would be impracticle for a home owner in my books.
  6. Down Hill

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    What kind of cost effecient mowerd do you suggest? Are we talking about your typical 5-6 HP walk behind? Becasue I already have that and I feel that I am just cutting way too much grass for it (almost an acre - takes me 2 hrs. with the Toro).

    What exactly do you mean by "grading" and what could I get done for a grand?

  7. Team-Green L&L

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    I'd look into a 48" walk behind with at least 15HP, preferrably 17.5+. Used, you will find one for around $2500 with low hours. That's much better than the $5000+ that the hydro rider will run you. Walk-behinds are much better on hillsides also.
  8. Down Hill

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    The Hydrostatic mower I was looking at IS a walk behind - the Simplicity Pacer, and it is less than 2 grand.

    More about the Pacer HERE
  9. Team-Green L&L

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    I checked out this mower and it doesn't look bad. I'm a little concerned with the $2200 ticket on a residential mower. Check your newspaper for a 48" Scag or Toro walk behind. You'll probably find a good used one for around the same price. Put this mower beside a used Scag with 1000 hours or less and it's a hand's down decision...Scag. Here's the down sides to this mower that I saw right away: 4.25 mph where a Scap will give you around 7-8 mph, 36" deck instead of $48", after shipping costs you're talking alot of buck for a little mower.
  10. Down Hill

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    thanks for all your responses.

    actually, there's a dealer nearby who will sell me the simplicity for $19oo delivered.

    a Scag certainly seems good, but I don't know if I'll find one. I'll check.

    Also, the 48" deck sounds nice, but I gotta be sure the thing will fit in my garage! Isn't a 48" alot bigger. Also, there a few tighter spaces that I'd like to get into where the 36" will probably be better. Not sure though. I'll keep you posted.

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