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best mower


LawnSite Member
this is a question for the pro's........... i need to know what is the best 32-36 in mower for the best price. i want the best mower for the best price. please tell me your thoughts.


LawnSite Senior Member
hello,first off don't go smaller than 36" a32" will leave you unhappy look toward exmark or hustler if you find a scag at a good price go for it (no my choice but still ok)
try to swing a hydro if you can belt drives are good but they don't have a good reverse and will slip in the wet get the bigest h.p. you can and get a mulch kit you wont be sorry come fall fall clean up= good money stick with stihl on your hand held equip. best warranty in the buisness
good mowing john


LawnSite Member
Rockwall, TX
depends on your properties. if you have gates to the backyards you may not be able to get the 36" mower thru. what good is a piece of equipment if you cant use it? you cant go wrong with an Exmark.