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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Melton, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. Melton

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    I am buying my first new mower. I am looking for a 60 inch zero turn. I'd love to save a few bucks on a great deal but I am more interested in getting something that will last with little down time. I have two good dealers (I think) that have all the major brands. All the mowers seem to offer go cuts and similar features. I am leaning toward a Gravely 260Z with a 27hp liquid cooled engine, bagger, and striping kit. The price is $10,500 which is more than I want to spend. But, if it lasts and .....

    Putting the dealer issue to one side, does anyone have a strong inion about a particular make/model?
  2. mdb landscaping

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    I think everybody has their own opinion. From reading a lot of comments on this site, exmark seems to have a great background. I currently own an exmark lazer z 60 inch with the 25 hp kohler and i love it. I havent had any problems what so ever with it. This was my first ztr ive ever owned, but i havent heard of too many people not liking their exmarks. The new hustlers and dixie choppers seem to get good remarks as well.
  3. 1stclasslawns

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    Don't forget about Great Dane, so well built that John Deere bought the company.

    If you can't beat them buy them out!

  4. RON66106

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    You might want to check out the KUBOTA z series they are lower priced in my area and are shaft driven not belt. I have one and to date havent been to the shop with any problems
    My ZD21 has a 60"deck and a 21 HP diesel engine. Havent found anything I can't mow with a quality cut yet!!!!!!
  5. sheppard

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    I've tried Hustler, Dixie Chopper, John Deere (52"), Husqvarna, Snapper, Lesco Viper, Exmark & Wright Stander- I settled on the Wright Stander.

    If I was forced to choose a seated ZTR it would have been the Hustler. It had no dealer presence in town however. The distributor pushed me to try it.

    Those big liquid cooled systems are expensive. Are you sure you want to keep it around 10 years? If you are, go for it.

    The Husqvarna 60" had tremendous blow back over the front left castor tire w/ high lifts on. Outside of the Hustler, everything else performed about the same.

    Main reasons I liked the W.S. was: I rather have sore feet at the end of the day than a sore lower back, standing you can see trouble long before you hit it (most of time!), more trailer space, getting on & off is easier and generally more convenient than getting off the seat.

  6. hlgmoney

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  7. 65hoss

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    I switched to all eXmark equipment in Y2K, but Gravely does make some nice built machines. If you choose Gravely I don't think you'll be unhappy. The are on this site and can help you with any problems or questions you might have. They are easy access. Barry is very helpful and knowledgable about all things Gravely.
  8. BufalinoLand

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    I run the 61 Tiger with a 25 Kohler on her. I have no complaints. Scag is bulletproof, i have a wb also and it gets a workout as well. Its all preference. Ford or Chevy in any industry
  9. Shumdit

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    I second the vote for the Kubota ZD-21 60. I demo'ed the Exmark,Gravely, Derby (ferris wannabe), Toro, and Walker along with the Kubota and in the end I was happiest with the Kubota. Price was not a primary consideration, but the Kubota is cheaper than the Walker 26EFI, and MUCH cheaper than the Exmark if you want to go diesel. In my opinion, resale (again, not my primary consideration) will be best on the Kubota and the Exmark. Those two brands also had the best dealer support in my area, which should always be a consideration. In the end, the Exmark seemed to be a very nice machine, but the diesel was very expensive (close to $3000 more than the Kubota) and the gas models that were closer in price to the Kubota did not have the features Kubota offered. The Kubota has Hydraulic deck lift, Suspension seat, and the pivoting front axle which gives a better ride. It also has the shaft drive deck and it appears the design is more efficient in terms of power losses through the driveline. The tilt axle feature (similar to the Z-lift of the Toros) allows cleaning and blade maintenance/inspection to be much easier. The XP Exmarks are fast, but in my experience (even with the suspension seat) it could not be ridden at full speed, whereas the Kubota could travel closer to ITS wide open speed without bouncing me or the mowing deck around too badly. Another long term issue should be fuel economy. The Diesel on the Kubota should get better fuel economy than any comparable horsepower engine on a ZTR. I am sure the Exmark has it's advantages, and many experienced professionals seem to love them, so I can not say it should not be worth consideration. I do really like the fact that Exmark reps will answer questions here on this site. My hat is off to them, and I am sure it helps sell more mowers, as well as inform them of customers wants and possible weak areas in their products to address. I also think Exmark has such a reputation with the professionals because they have been around for so long. Kubota has been around much longer in the tractor and front mower business, but they did not have a ZTR until 2001. It appears they took their time to design a very competitive product. I think they will gain in popularity once people give them a try. I encourage you to at least demo one before making a purchase. Good luck and let us know how things turn out.


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