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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rivervalleylawns, Feb 11, 2009.

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    :laugh: I hate doing math, so what would the tripleplating on the BB leading edge be 1" armor:dizzy:.

    Triplating or laying is a metal forming practice to make up for a weak area. The core XR-7 deck is not 1/4" thick or 3 gauge:nono:

    We only need to look at the industry first stamped 7 gauge deck AKA the 7-Iron deck; which has zero triplating on the deck top or around the spindles; becuase when the proper thickness or gauage steel is used their simply is no need for triplating, or layering

    Bad Boy has taken deck thickness to a new level, no other company offers a thicker deck at 3 gauge. Triplating or layering is for shooring up a thin core deck design with known weak areas:laugh: all ZTR companies do this expect?? John Deere & Bad Boy.
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    ok this is for mr. pirates landscaping. first off just out of curiosity where in ok are you moving to? second off im not gona get into all the technical crap everyone else is i just want to say i demoed alot of mowers ranging from hustler to scag dixie chopper toro ferris dixon and a few others that i cant think of right now but in the end i went with gravely. it was the best mower for my money and it cut the best. the deck is built very strong and its very fast and comfortable. i havent found anything that i dont like about it. hope this helps...
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    Anybody have any experience with Simplicity ztr's. They seem to be built much like a Ferris and have solid rear rollers for striping. I have a great local dealer, and have to drive much further to the other popular brand dealers. Unless someone can tell me first hand terrible things about:confused: Simplicity, I think I'm going to invest. Please, good or bad, let me know. Thanks
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    if i didn't have toro i'd have gravely
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    i would say toro then deere...deere's dealer support is better but their new equipment, so i've heard many of times, is not good...toro has great equipment...i also have both dealers in town
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    I am going to tell you to do like I do, and demo as many as you can to see what you like best. Everyone has their own preferences, but the bottom line is- YOU are the only one that can sh$t in your drawers. Please try to demo a Walker Super B unless you have some real rough ground.
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    This thread turned into a turd sandwich.
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    last july i was set to trade my toro time cutter in on a simplicity 50" ZTR. It was used, they were going to rebuild the pumps for me because one was getting a little weak and then they would call when ready, shouldn't be more than a week...... i called after a week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month, 2 months and then again about 3 weeks ago before i bought my new wright stander, and they still didn't have the seal kit in, it was on back order.... so i'm not sure if its the dealer, simplicity them selves or the pump manufacturer, but someone was screwing around and they lost a customer because of it
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    Thanks for the info. Gives me something to ask my dealer.
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    The base 7-ga steel construction of a Hustler Z or Super Z is just as thick as your 7-iron. The extra plating isn't due to week areas, but to put customer confidence in their machine. And also to help back up their LIFETIME WARRANTY on their frame and deck. John Deere nor Bad Boy offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on anything on their machines, because they are not confident it will last a LIFETIME.:hammerhead: Hustler also offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the stainless steel HYDRALIC LINES they use versus the rubber lines the competitors use.

    Again I never said that Bad Boy doesn't make a good machine. If I were as ignorant as some people up here I would state that HUSTLER is the only good machine built. As a MECHANIC I know better. I'm just simply stating when you compare APPLES TO APPLES the contruction of a HUSTLER beats the heck out of the competition. I will say I have never seen but one 7-ga steel deck warped on a Toro mower, equal to the construction of the topside of a 7-iron John Deere deck. It's just nice to know a Hustler is that much thicker.

    As for quality cut in NORTHERN Areas, I don't live up north say I can't account for them. I'm sure the GRAVELY's do well. Again never said they were a bad mower either. I spend my time doing APPLES FOR APPLES comparison's not giving ignorant opinions on only what I sell and use.
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