Best of the Best ZTR's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rivervalleylawns, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Donald A

    Donald A LawnSite Member
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    I'm liking my Kubota ZD331 w/72" deck.
  2. yardatwork

    yardatwork LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a John Deer M655 (1600 hour) with 54 inch deck, a Ferris IS1000Z (400 hours) with 52 inch deck and bagger, and two Toro 400 series with baggers (both around 700 hours).

    John Deere has 25 horse Kohler Command engine - only ever had to put a new key start and pto cluth on this tractor. The thing is ten years old and is my most reliable ZTR. The cut is great, the deck is rock solid, the design and access to the deck, belts, battery, etc...all great. I wish John Deere would go back to the basics and to this design.

    Ferris IS1000Z is a PIECE OF **** and all gimmick with the shock system! The bagging system has too many bends and always clogs even with the driest of dry grass. I removed it after half a season of cutting. The cut of this deck also sucks...leaves grass clumps. The engine is a 23 horse Kawaski and the engine is garbage. Thank goodness for the full 2 year warranty. This tractor was in the shop over 10 times in the first two years. I never use it anymore.

    Toro 400 series with baggers are ok. These tractors both have 23 horse Kawaski engines...and...once again the engines are garbage. It seems like every 200 hours there is going to be a major problem. I actually had the one engine rebuilt at 400 hours. Many of the repairs were covered under warranty, but they are both over 3 years old and it's getting harder to have Toro pick up the repairs. The bagging system in the one went to hell at 500 hours...cheaper to buy a new system than to rebuild. Toro covered 75% of materials cost for that repair. The Toro dealer is only 10 minutes from my house so that is the only reason I don't ***** too much about these machines...great service, timely repair, warranty, and location. My overall complaint about the Toros...engines on the tractors. Kawaski engines suck in my opinion. When it's time to trade in my tractors, I will request a motor swap and go with Kohler. Also, the lugs that hold the braking/wheel mounting system for the back tires continues to come loose on both machine. The one wheel will start to lean in. The one time the whole wheel came loose (two lower lugs came off) and hit my hydrolic system and broke the line. About once a month this happens and I have to retighten the inner lugs/bolts. Maybe I just bought two lemons!
  3. hustler king

    hustler king LawnSite Member
    from 46628
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    Can't knock em' till U try em'. I love mine never had a problem after 500 hrs.
  4. zo6

    zo6 LawnSite Senior Member
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    im a bobcat guy myself, but as for all the deere quotes, i 100% agree, not to mention cut quality is horrrible
  5. 7 IRON

    7 IRON LawnSite Member
    from VT
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    I think JD 7IRON Cut is hard to beat:weightlifter:Especially in wet grass.
  6. mbrew

    mbrew LawnSite Senior Member
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    How does the Exmark look like crap? What grasses were you cutting before and what are you cutting now?

    KFLAWN LawnSite Member
    from Mi
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    prob a noob with a triton
  8. balreadysaid

    balreadysaid LawnSite Senior Member
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    i would have listened to this guy who lives there and says straight up that the gravely mows fast! and good. @ 13mph and having riders from 34 to 72 with cool turbo diesel options id be looking at them too if i was in OK, i must say that john deere has a similar type of deck like a gravely i bet they might be alright down that way too. i think another guy in the OK said toro which in fact has a very similar deck to the gravely and the deere. and the toro is adjustable and it will cut in the deep wet stuff good too! and i like the g3 chassis cause well i have a exmark and i like that chassis.

    OKC durantula! so fun to watch their games!
  9. Chevy z71

    Chevy z71 LawnSite Fanatic
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    try checking out the exmark phazer 34inch deck for small stuff.
  10. Landscape Poet

    Landscape Poet LawnSite Gold Member
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    Anything with a blade will not cut Bermuda seed heads in one pass, lets not get carried away, and before you think you are going to tell me something, I grew up in the midwest (MO) so yes I am familar with blue grass, fescues etc.

    Now with that said - the most important thing in a mower = dealer

    and with that said - I have a 36 inch mini z that I started with down here and still use currently cutting 74 clients a week with. So I would say that Hustler makes a fine machine, but I have seen lots of Gravely, Exmark, Toro and Scag do just fine down here too. Scag has my eye because they are used alot in commerical down here and I see people just beating the Sh8t out of them.....there price scares me a bit though

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