Best overall supplier for organic/natural products?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Microbe, May 14, 2006.

  1. Microbe

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    Which supplier is more of a wholesale distributor? Looking to purchase organic/natural fertilizers/kelp/nematodes.... any info would be appreciated..... Seems like nobody has posted on the organic forum for a while..... At the rate that organics is blowing up I'd have to say its pretty quiet around here........:confused:
  2. NattyLawn

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    For organics, I don't know if there's one supplier that is the definitive answer. We distribute most of our products (fish, seaweed, humate, Gro-Biotix), use Nutrients Plus ferts (most NP ferts have bio-solids) and use UHS for seed. It seems that for the small LCO's you have to consistently shop around for freight unless you find a local supplier.
  3. Microbe

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    Are there any wholesale websites?
  4. Norm Al

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    there are some pretty good ones has many products

    the problem in the organic world is that many of the manufacturers will sidestep their own distributors,,,,,which means if you call them direct they will sell to you. effectively pissin off their distributors.

    many stores now are carrying organics and that side is growing tremendously.
  5. green_mark

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  6. lawnchick17

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    check out although they are predominately retail, you can try to reach a guy named Nikko, (actually Nick) tell him the "organic goddess" sent you, (long story) he can probably help you out!
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  8. lilmarvin4064

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    garden-ville has some misinformation on their website. Weed-n-feeds are selective, not non-selective, and they forgot about Nutralene and Nitroform. Plus, animal "byproducts" are not in my opinion considered synthetic.
  9. Dr Green

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    As a proffessional, you may have a hard time buying and shipping organic products.

    your best bet, is to find a local distributor and pck up or have delivered what you need.

    In New England I use a company called RF Morse. They have Bio solids, Chicken byproducts, sustaine(turkey) , Roots products, and a host of liquid Biostimulants from other companies.

    They also blend half and half products or bridge products. You get some immediate Green and the benefits of 25# in every bag being organic.

    Stuffs Cheap too. Less than a buck per 1000 sq ft.
  10. livingsoils

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    Try East Coast organics . they have some cool products. They have a great humic acid product that I use. :clapping:

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