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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by baka, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. baka

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    Hows it?

    I'm starting off small trying to get accounts and one thing I'm wondering about is who to speak with when we are trying to get commercial accounts. I know a lot of Realtors here, but has it been your experience that they can set you up with customers?
    Who is the best person to contact to get commercial accounts?

    Property Managment companies? Landscape Architects? Contractors?

    Sh*t there's a hundred and one positions that I think could help me get accounts, but does anyone know of one consitent?

  2. HOMER

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    Each company has their own "go to guy". Just call and ask if they are accepting bids on the property maintenance and they will refer you to the proper person. Mkae sure you have g/l insurance before you start asking.
  3. Gautreaux's LNG

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    Realtors is a good place to start but remember they always want things done yesterday! I've found they like to use new startup companies. Keeps the price down and the illusion of future work will have the young upstart jumping at there call! I've found they will call on Friday around lunch, they are showing the house Saturday morning and need the lawn cut and landscape weeded ASAP!

    Not saying realtors are all bad we work with some but they understand we MUST be able to SCHEDULE the work! Our whole operation runs on a schedule! sure we can make some last second adjustment for regular clients but not all the time!

    Alot of commercial jobs comes beacuse the boss or someone in the office hires you to maintain their home and you do a great job so they ask you to bid the office contract!
  4. baka

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    Right on guys. Thanks for the info! Damn I hate paying for insurance! But if thats what it takes..

    I'm getting set up to start out small. I'm buying equipment piece by piece, creating my monster.... Looks like I'm just gonna start pounding the pavement, and talking to folks I know.



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