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Best place for vinyl lettering?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Barneveld, NY
I was wondering if somebody could refer me to a good place to order vinyl lettering for my truck, and how much did you pay for yours?

1. I want my company name and logo on the doors.
2. I want Lawn Care and Snow Removal and Phone on the Box in B I G letters.
3. I want 2 magnetic decals, one that says "Leaf Cleanup" (or removal) and another that says "Roof Shoveling". I want the Magnetics cause I don't want them on all the time making it look too busy. When I put a magnetic sign on it will cover the sticker for the service that is out of season.
4. Tailgate company name, phone, "lawncare", "snow removal".

Overall I would like my lettering to look similar to GLS. BIG, SIMPLE, High Contrast.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a friend that did mine and they came out really good. He does work for other people and if you are interested you would only have to give him the dimesions desired and he will do them. Hes very reasonable mine $100.00 for both sides and my ph# along the back on both sides. Not sure if you would get this good of a deal but it but it would probably be less then $200.00.


LawnSite Member
DFW, Texas

You shouldn't pay more than $75 for 12x24 magnets. 2 color signs.
Do not buy them from a kinkos, or fast signs, look for a local place. good luck! We have them on 5 trucks, I paid $72 each time.

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
Remsen1: do you have a pic of your logo?


LawnSite Silver Member
stickerz.com or magneticsigns.com

Very nice and not expensive. I paid 63 bucks including shipping for my magnetics and you can build your own or have them do it. same with the vinyl.