Best place to be a grass cut business owner?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by curtislawncare, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. TPendagast

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    Here hear!

    Las Vegas, used to be prior to the 08-09 crash, one the best places to mow grass EVA!
    Mow/fert/squirt/irrgation like mad until christmas, take a few months off because you could afford to and hit it like a crazed mainac come mid march.

    You didnt even need to offer other services… what? shrubs? call someone else busy! lol.

    Cayman Islands….. numb one in my opinion… ALL resort and high end resi all day…. I think Bob Walker made his mower with this place in mind.

    All this and you could live in atlanta, and fly back and forth to work! it's a hop skip and a jump!:walking:
  2. CNYScapes

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    back to the OP question? Where is the best metro area to own/operate a grass cutting biz?
  3. jc1

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    Once we determine the best metro area that will be the most profitable we can all sell our current companies. Then move, flood the market and drive down prices.
  4. CNYScapes

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    LOL I dont think lawnsite has that big of a reach
  5. curtislawncare

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    Thanks CNY.
  6. Armsden&Son

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    Of course nobody wants to truthfully answer because they are afraid their area will get blown out!


    Fine, I'll tell you guys.... Armpit, Wyoming...

    Head there right now, you are leaving millions on the table!
  7. ROS_Grounds

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    Lol... will you show us the way?

    I hear it stinks pretty harsh there! (Armpit)

  8. Bryan27

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    There is no "best" place to do business unless you're trying to sell magazines. A city with any kind of size to it is going to have a pretty diverse mix of customers and lawn/landscape types in different pockets around the city and suburbs. I think a more interesting question would be "what type of customers/properties do you target in your city and how do you target specifically them?".
  9. 32vld

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    If you knew anything about Wyoming you would of said leaving money on the mesa's and the butte's.

    I suspect that you are giving us a misdirection. Leading us away from the Adirondack's.

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