Best Place to Buy a John Deere X720 In Upstate NY

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CNYFarmboy, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. CNYFarmboy

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    I am looking at purchasing a new X720 Deere and was wondering where the best prices are in the Northeast? I deal with Cazenovia Eqiup all the time and was wondering if there was another Dealer in the Upstate NY area that can compete with them. I am Located between Utica and Binghamton. I am willing to travel to save a buck. I know I know everyone talks about the service after the sale, but I am looking for the best price. Thanks

  2. fltdek

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    You may have to travel a distance, I'm originally from Elmira area, can't think of any JD dealers around there. Come down to Richmond, tons of dealers down here. Try doing an intenet search, probably your best bet. I have a brother back home in the business, I'll shoot him an e-mail and ask him if he knows of any around there.

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