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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DaveRave07, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. DaveRave07

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    I am new to this industry and have worked smaller properties as well as another job this year in order to save up to buy a used WB for next year. I am planning to be able to spend $1000-$1250 for a WB preferably 48" but possibly 36" or anywhere in between. My question is where should I go to find the best deal as I realize I am on limited funds. Would I be better of going to a dealer, which is appealing because of service and reliability, or looking to buy somewhere like eBay or in other places to maybe find something with a better price. What do you guys think, where (and also what time of year) should I go to find the best deal.

    Also I figure that with the price range that I mentioned that I will be able to get myself a reliable enough machine to last me a few years until I can upgrade, let me know if you disagree.
  2. Bulletproof

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    We bought a WB over Ebay, just a beauty of a machine, and we got it for a fraction of its worth. It maybe had 5 hours on it, no scratches, no nothing.

    I would suggest going for the 36" just because you can get it into more backyards than the 48", but that's just my opinion.

    If you're not doing residential's as often, splurge for the 48."

    Good luck.
  3. Bulletproof

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    great pic of Page!
  4. Scapegoat

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    Ebay. My dealers don't fool with W/B much, so Ebay offered a better selection.
  5. newbomb

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    Check your local 7-11 for magazines like Weekly Want Ad or Equipment Trader or Penny saver. I often see ads in those publications here for used equipment. Later in the Summer and into early Fall you should notice stuff for sale. If you have cash you can usually find a good deal. EBAY isn't a bad idea either if the seller is close to you. You should be able to find a 36" in your price range, and you might think about a 32" if you have enough small work and gates.

    I bought my Snapper 36" in 1987 USED from a friend for $1000. Since then I put 2 motors on it, The first was a tecumseh w/o an oil pump, waste of money. A the second is a Kohler 15 hp with an oil pump. I've owned it 18 years and have about $3500 in it. I think you can do well with used equipment, just don't buy something thats wore out to begin with.
  6. DaveRave07

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    from NY
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    Yeah guys good ideas I am thinking that the best time to look into making a purchase would be after the mowing season so late fall and even throughout the winter because thats when people would probably be done with their equipment.

    As for deciding between the 36 and the 48 my thinking was that I would go with the bigger of the two and use a 21" that I already own for the tough to reach areas. Do you all think that it would just be easier to go with a 36? I am doing mostly residental with the bigger properties at about 1-1.5 acre. If you guys think that a 36 would easily be able to handle this then maybe I would just go with a 36 because I would probably be able to purchase a better quality machine. Also, what size properties would you say are too big for a 36? Thanks for the imput.

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