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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by NOVAMowing, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. NOVAMowing

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    Good afternoon everybody!

    So as I continue to plan my return to the green industry next spring... I keep spending the majority of my time planning my advertising strategy. I have had measurable results dropping fliers in my past venture, but was targeting smaller-lot neighborhoods than I will be in 2013. I will be targeting 1 acre minimum property size neighborhoods so parking then walking the entire thing is time prohibitive. My partner and I will be working in tandem...

    So my question is... What do you find to be the best methods for flier dropping? Do you attach the flier to the mailbox post/newspaper bin or do you leave the flier on the door?
    Do you drive up the driveway and get out to place flier or do you park at the end of the drive and walk up?
    Have you ever used a bicycle?
    Have you ever hired people to help drop fliers? Used family members? Neighborhood kids?
  2. StMichaelLawnCare

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    I generally give them to people in person..
  3. justanotherlawnguy

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    drive by and throw it out the window like every other jobber, then the regular lawn guy can pick up your flyer and throw it in the trash!
  4. Darryl G

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    Just put it in a bag with some rotted grass clipping and toss it in their driveway. It holds the bag from blowing away and gets rid of your clippings at the same time!
  5. crosel

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    I don't know if it is legal to do this where you live, but here (Puerto Rico) I put them in the mailbox, if there is none it gets difficult as I try to avoid walking up to a stranger's driveway even if it is a potential client because it may be received as being impertinent (though I may leave flyers near their driveway if it is easily accesible and near the sidewalk). But maybe this is just a PR thing, everyone thinks you are either 1) trying to sell some junk(half-true) or 2) may be a thief scouting potential victims.

    I try to avoid handing them out if the potential clients are on the house so I hand them out Monday-Thursday between 9AM and 12PM. This way when a customer gets home he/she can get their mail and my flyer from the mailbox, drop it on their counter and read it later that day or maybe save it up for a few months later lol. I am selective on the houses I hand the flyers to since for now I am mainly maintenance (mow/trim/blow/maintain shrubs/hedges/edge) this makes it easier on me and I also get a rough idea on what I would charge for the property and if the customer calls I can do a quick walk-around to confirm.

    Another thing I am considering on doing is to go to a local business near the targetted neighborhood and leave a small stack of flyers there, a few non locals may call, but most should be from near the area. Your advertising may be different than me because I can mow year-round so I can target a neighborhood on january (lawns are below avg growing), april/may (wild growing) and august/september which is about avg growing with a few weeks being pretty wild due to rain.

    I would ask the more experienced users about other advertising methods because flyers are a PITA to hand out and have a low overall call rate. My current plan is to use flyers on an area until I get a customer, then be a good quality LCO so people get used to seeing me (maybe get referrals) and then hand out more flyers and then hope that I get referred or give incentives so I do.

    And as for delivery method; I usually go on the truck(always park at end of driveway, never be invasive) with equipment nicely cleaned in the bed to avoid the second guessing. Though this may be time consuming you will ALWAYS get seen by someone and you better be prepared and in your best image as there is only one first impression. Walking house to house would be a no-no unless you are well known in the neighborhood and bicycle might be worse because it is the favorite transport of addicts around here.
  6. bohiaa

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    you will need to check your LOCAL LAWS......... NOT STATE, NOT FED. LOCAL.

    MOST citys require a permit. and there is POSTIVELY NO KNOCKING ON DOORS....

    everywhere in the USA. you can NOT place anything in a mail box....

  7. 32vld

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    Mail approached me this summer. He said I know you are only trying to make a living but if an inspector catches you putting a flyer in a mail box it will be a stiff fine.

    The mailman then said that attached to the outside of the box or post is legal. He pointed out that many fold a flyer and stick it behind the red flag. Or use a barcket opening. I have even used the gap between the back of the mail box and the vertical mail box post.
  8. 32vld

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    Some LCO's prefer the personal approach door to door. Eve though there are laws against soliciting they are not enforced unless you enter a gated community or cause a problem.

    I don't do that for the simple reason that most people, myself too, because I don't want no door to door salesman bothering me. A flyer that is retrieved with the mail does not disturb someones privacy or free time.

    Driving mailbox to mailbox is fastest way to manually put out flyers.
  9. zippy-phil

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    We have been going with drive-by door hanging, stopping at some locations that have tall grass or unkept yards. We just got another customer that told us he had a kid doing it but he quit 5 weeks ago. This guy wants regular service. Today was a good day. We also put our fliers under windshields of cars in the driveway. This works well because some people may not use the front door.
  10. Darryl G

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    Actually it's not legal to put on the mailbox or the post either in the USA...I've looked into this pretty thorougly. Enforcement varies.

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