Best price on Mobil 1??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by PLS-Tx, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Not sure if this is the best place to post this.

    I have been buying the 5 quart jugs at Wal-Mart for $24.50.

    I looked online to see if I could order it for less and ever place I looked was more, a lot more.

    Any thoughts?
  2. ecurbthims

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    try a big truck shop thats a detroit diesel dealer ,you might get a better price .
  3. dboyd351

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    Try shopping the discount auto parts stores when they have sales. They often have deals like 5 quarts of synthetic oil plus a filter for around $25. They seem to rotate which synthetic oil is on sale at the moment. I wait until they are selling a brand I like then buy whatever the deal is. Usually end up getting the filter for free and paying about $25 for 5 qts of full synthetic oil.

    Where you from in Texas? Anywhere near Victoria?
  4. PLS-Tx

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    from Texas
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    We are about 80 miles east of Houston. Victoria is south of Houston, I think about 80 miles.

    I have been there a few times but it's been a while.
  5. Costco runs an add on motor oil a lot. When the deal is on mobil 1 they give you a coupon for $9 off a case of 6. The unit price per qt. is $5 something before the extra $9 off so I think it comes out to less than $4.9 if I have the figures correct. It's crazy how much a qt of mobil 1 is these days at auto stores and sears. It's now over $8 qt. At sears.
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    As previously mentioned...I've bought it at Walmart for anywhere from $24-$6 for 5 quart jug.

    Then last summer I saw the Costco coupon deal and bought 3 cases...forgot the exact cost per quart but it was a better deal than Walmart.
  7. Costco will also run the deal on penzoil. I'm not that picky on what the mowers get. If mobil 1 is a great price I will buy it, but I will buy something else that is cheaper. The Tundra however strictly gets Amsoil synthetic.
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