best product for walks and patios

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rmartin, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. rmartin

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    from mass
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    Just a quick search of what types of material you like, and look best when building a walkway and patio.
  2. Green-Pro

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    If you mean as in building materials, then I'd say I'm kind of partial to the Uni-Lock products, in particular the Brussels pavers. Really pretty nearly any Uni-Lock product I like, and they are popular materials with many homeowners around here.
  3. MarcusLndscp

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    For me it depends on a few different factors...... site, residential?, commercial?, application (primary,secondary, tertiary walk), the type of architecture of the house you're trying to match, is it near a pool/hot tub, will it receive any type of vehicular traffic?, winter snow removal practices, so on and so forth. We use a wide array of materials from irregular bluestone/fieldstone flagging, pavers, dimensional bluestone/granite, belgium block, and I think that may be it other than asphalt that we do as well but who really likes that??? If I had to chose one style that I like the most it would have to be irregular flagging.

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