Best Quality Enclosed Trailers?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Axlerod2, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Axlerod2

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    I have been thinking about going down to south Ga and pick up a trailer at one of the mfg. plants. One company will offer this and the next one will offer another option. Some will have off brand axles such as Lippert, AlCo and some made in China I guess. Some will have a 4" mainframe and some 6". Some will have a RV type side door with piano hinge. Some have 16" centers on frame and some 24". Some have a longer tongue on the front and I have seen some where the hitch looked no more than a foot or or so from the front of the trailer.
    I would rather have a stronger built trailer with 6" mainframe, RV style side door, Dexter axles and 16OC supports with plywood not OSB. This would be a 7x16 trailer.
    Also are the curved roof trailers better than the flat roof trailer? Are torsion axles work the money on a landscape trailer?
    I know a lot of people don't like an enclosed trailer but I will probably use it for others things. They are bulky to pull.
    Anyone have any do's and don't of buying a new trailer or good and bad experiences with different brands sold in the south?:usflag:
  2. Axlerod2

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    Doing a little research I have found where a lot of those trailer mfgs. have a F rating with the BBB or no rating at all.
    Xtra Tuff F, Hurricane Cargo F, Freedom Trailer B-, Colony Cargo A, USA Cargo A, Axon's trailer sales A+, Elite trailer NO, Imperial trailer No. Cargo Craft NO.
    That may be partly due to people buying at the factory and not receiving support with problems. Like one guy said you can pay 2,000 more at a big dealer and then you might get more support.:confused:
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    Its great to see a guy from Cullman on here!! I'm pondering the same thing you are. I dont know if it would be better (however costlier) just to go lawrimore or lone wolfe where you could get support and less driving?
  4. Axlerod2

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    I bought a 6x12 from LoneWolf this past summer but already sold it. They have a pretty good mark up on their trailers.
    Not impressed by those LOOK trailers they sell. Not sure what the brand Larimore has but wasn't impressed with them.
    Trailers get cheaper made each year. If you don't believe me look at an older trailer. I have looked at a lot of used trailers and they are asking more for them than a new one. Right now I have more time than I do money. Maybe I will run across something before spring.:laugh:
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    They are all trash if you asked me. Every one of them is mass produced. No nuts and bolts, just sheet metal screws. Slam it together and in 12 months every darn screw is loose. They dont care.

    Ive never had axles bend, welds break, or anything serious. Its always lights coming loose and not grounding out, sheet metal screws ALWAYS loose, door hinges loose, rear ramp problems.

    Just get 5,200lb axles, screwless sidewalls, 16" o.c everything, extended tongue and roller wheels on the back. Thats all you can do.
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    Wow before reading this I was thinking of getting a hurricane trailer. Seemed really good ofcourse on there website, showed the differences. Sales is an amazing art.

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