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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by asjgabries, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. asjgabries

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    I am looking for a new landscape trailer. What do you guys think the best brand is. I need a 18ft at least 7,000 lb trailer. Any input will help. Thanks. I am into durability and quality and price means nothing.
  2. GG386

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    Read the Haulmark? thread just below, should give you a good start
  3. asjgabries

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    I guess I didnt mention Open trailer.
  4. Total Landscape Solutions

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  5. ksss

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    Towmaster is IMHO hands down a top tier trailer manufacturer. I have an 18GVW equipment trailer that I bought two years ago now. Went to the factory in Mn. to pick it up. Great people, great operation, great trailer. They are not cheap, but there not a cheaply built trailer either. I have owned several different trailers. PJ is in my view is a POS cheap trailer. The one had was 14K GVW. The ramps bent the first time I drove my 12K excavator on them. Cheap factory tires (Chinese built), lightly built jack. All in all I got what I paid for. I also have two Walton trailers which I generally like. If you don't ask much from a trailer you can get by with a cheaper brand I guess. Trailers though are an investment. Resale is good on a quality trailer, safety is important as well so why waste time with a 2nd or 3rd tier trailer.
  6. Metro Lawn

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    I have had several trailer from these guys. They are the factory so the price is good and they can custom build anything you want.

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