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    My local dealer delivered my Tru-Cut this morning. I got the C27 with the Honda engine and a front roller. It also came with the grass catcher, but I won't be using it.I got the C27 because my lawn is pretty big...over 20,000 sqft of Palisades zoysia, and I may be upping that to 30,000 sqft this summer. Palisades is not one of the fine-blade zoysias. It is considered medium-blade, and looks like a dwarf St. Aug. Recommended cutting height is 1.5" around here, and that's what I cut it at.

    I mowed my front yard with it today. Its about 10,000 sqft of Palisades zoysia.

    First impressions...

    1. I've got some leveling to do. Even with the roller, it scalped in a few places, but not as bad as a rotary or ZTR used to scalp.

    2. The mower is very easy to handle. My yard is very flat and open, so that helps. The mower is well-balanced, so it's easy to turn at the end of a pass. Takes just a little downward force on the handles to lift the roller off the ground, then it is easily spun around.

    3. The mower has plenty of power. It never bogged, stuttered, etc.

    4. I've got a few tight places where the mower may prove a little difficult to manuever, and a couple of places that are too narrow for it. For those spots, I will use my 21" rotary or a weed-eater, or maybe buy a non-powered reel.

    5. I mowed the first 3/4 of the front yard with the engine running at high speed. There's no way I could engage the drive wheels and kee up with it with the engine like that. I would literally have to trot behind it to keep up. I ended up running the engine at half-throttle. It still cut well, and the drive speed was reasonable (semi-fast walk) when fully engaged. I understand that a lot of people don't fully engage the clutch and just use the drive button to control the speed, but my yard is almost 150' wide so it's nice to be able to lock the drive speed and not have to worry about it. Also, the drive button takes a very light touch and is very sensitive. Maybe there is a way to reduce the drive speed in relationship to the engine speed so that even with the engine running fast, the drive speed will be reasonable when it is locked in.

    6. The cut was great. Significantly better than either my JD walk-behind or the JD ZTR's used by the LCO that I use.
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    I have been following your posts on using a reel mower to mow zoysia. My normal tool to trim zoysia that is not accessible to a reel mower is a trimmer with counter rotating blades. This is sold as the Kawasaki Turbo Blade or the Maruyama Landscape Blade. Using string or a rotary mower looks awful on zoysia.
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    Tru-Cut or California/Eastman Trimmer. Try out both if your dealer has them.
    They both have their plus and cons. I've got 20" & 25" Trimmer & 27" Tru-Cut with the front roller.
    Good luck on your search.
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    First post; I've been lurking on this forum for a few weeks in preparation for a new mower purchase. Thanks for the Tru-Cut review. I just ordered a new C27 with the roller today (ironically just before I saw your review). It's really amazing how little information you can find on the entire internet relating to reviews or operation of this particular mower. This was a major concern for me since nobody where I live (northeast texas) seems to realize that anyone even uses reel mowers anymore, and no local business had one for me to look at. Anyway, thanks again for the review. Getting excited about using my new mower on my 30K sq foot Tifway 419 lawn. No more rotary swirls!!!

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