Best Retaining Wall Design?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RyanCanMow, Mar 27, 2002.

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    Alright guys, I have a residential client with water problems in her back yard. The water puddles near the house and edge of flowerbeds. I have thought about a french drain. I would have an outlet on one corner of the yard for the water. What is your best design is constructing a french drain? It will need to be 60ft. long with 4 or 6 inch pipe. Example: Trench depth? Do I layer topsoil first, then sand, then coarse gravel, then filter fabric, then pipe, then coarse gravel again for bottom of hole? Also, should the pipe have holes in the bottom? And what type of pipe, corrugated or PVC? Thanks for any help!!

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    Is this about retaining walls or French drains????
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    we alwas use 4" drain tile, cost little and easy to install, we have installed it without any stone just below grade simple way of doing it, Just do not drive any heavy equipment over it. I would just use stone near the puddling area fill around the pipe and cover with topsoil. simple for you and homeowner can understand it. :blob1:

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    Find out who your local drainage supplier is... and what brand they carry.. My supplier carries NDS... NDS has an awsome web site with all sorts of info and specs on what to do and how to do it.. they also have architectural drawings that show exactly how it should look.... Check them out.... Home Depot actually carries some of their stuff................ BUt I would definatly think If you are doing a FRENCH DRAIN , that you need to have a trench lined with clean gravel, That gravel should be surrounded by filter fabric, then inside the clean gravel will be your perferated drian pipe that will be covered with a filter sock.... If you dont use the filter fabric, the clean gravel will clog, and clog the pipe.... You really need both.... Or it will not function correctly for very long... Do some research on your own as well before you get involved in drainage..... Can cause bigger problems if not done correctly...

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