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    I only use walk behinds and need some advice on riding mowers. What is the smoothest riding ZTR available? I'd like to ride for a change because of some back problems, and am considering looking at Dixie Chopper, Walker, and Ferris. Your help is appreciated.
  2. Eric ELM

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    As we tell everyone that asks this, go demo them all and see for yourself. I use the Choppers and find them smooth enough for me. The big floatation tires with only 6 to 8 lbs. of air help a lot. I also have the deluxe seat with the lumbar support. I also wear a leather weigh lifters belt which helps hold my back together. I could write a whole novel on back problems, but we will skip that chapter. :)

    The wider the wheel base and the bigger the tires, the better the ride. I've noticed mowing a lawn with my older Chopper with the 22" tires isn't as smooth of a ride as the 2001 diesel Chopper, with the bigger 25" tires. The diesel does weigh more too, which helps the ride too. The only other DC with those tires on it other than the diesels and Twin engined 40 HP 72" machinges is, the new model they came out with that has the 24 HP Honda engine on it. The only thing new about it is the engine and the bigger tires, the rest is still using the same proven hydros.

    Demo them all and you will know more about the ride then. I feel the longevity of the Chopper is the main reason I keep getting Choppers.
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    The new kubota rides good with its 12x24 tires and the front end pivots for a smoother ride, it also comes with a good seat.
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    I am a devoted Dixie Chopper rider, but I was very impressed by the new Kubota for ride and responce.
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    I have 2 grasshoppers and they both are very smoothe. I am sure everyone would have a different opinion. Just try out as many as you can. I am going to demo a dixie chopper this week. Good luck.
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    I know the exmarks are nice, the DC's, grasshoppers, walkers are also good. But if I was a betting man, I would put my money on Ferris IS for the best ride. Don't know about the cut, but the ride should be awesome.
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    i use a toro z and it's ok,seat is comfortable. i also use a walker and i would have to say if you have some back problems to stay away fron the walker mowers they're a little rough.i demo'd a grasshopper and liked the might want to try one of the stander mowers also.that might help, at least your legs are taking most of the shock instead of your back.
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    I am planning on getting a DC in the near future, but currently I have Scag and Great Dane. THe great dane use to beat the piss out of a guy, especially at high speeds, but I decided to buy the suspension seat, now it's smooth sailing. As far as other mowers, it basically boils down to personal preference. Test drive as many brands as you can, and then you will know which one to buy. If I had it to do all over again though,I would have purchased a dixie, for the comfort, productivity and longitivity. That's three BIG perks that almost all ztr's don't have
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    The 72" Dixie is by far the smoothest thing I have. Sure is more comfortable than riding on that 21" Snapper!

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