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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by slammedeuro20, Jul 13, 2008.

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    what is the best bang for the buck and what rider has the best durability? also does anyone have an independent suspension mower? how are those? i was in a bind and bought a cheapy and am starting to wonder what i should upgrade to.
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    I have a Ferris IS1500Z. It has independent rear suspension and a pivoting front axle. It rides good, especially with low air in the tires, like 10-12 psi. I've driven a Hustler Super Z that rode smoother than my Ferris since it had the flex forks and flex suspension seat. Around here, I'd say the best bang for the buck would be a Bob-Cat because the local dealer buys them by the truck load for cash and sells them cheap. You might want to consider a used mower with less than 1000hrs. It would still have a lot of life left in it and be considerably cheaper than a brand new mower.
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    most are built to the same industry standards. imo the big deal is dealer support. it's just like the whole ford vs. chevy. both are nice trucks, and pretty much the same, but my chevy might not have the same extras that your ford has and vise versa. buy from a dealer you can trust, and buy the machine that your company needs, i dont need a 72", my 52" does great for me. for example, scag has a grat machine, but a butt of a dealer so i quit using them.

    ive had great experience w/ the following mowers:

    i now run exmarks and toro b/c of the dealer.

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