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best sales


LawnSite Senior Member
So as spring nears and i start to do my plan of attack for advertising, it got me wondering what is the best way you advertise? what gets you the most calls about your service. sofar since i do field mowing i hit up the banks about foreclosed homes, realtor's, and advertice at the farmers market.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Sorry to say it but those are about the worst three places to get work they are all looking for very cheap work they dont care much about quality they just want it done cheap, they also dont give much consistant work. About the best thing is a mailer or a door hanger for residentials for comercials I drive around and get a list of ones I would like to have and I go home and call them all to see if they are taking bids and even if they are not I still drop off a quote to them in person incase they are not happy with there current company halfway through the season.


LawnSite Senior Member
i do good work with realtors cause here there are many many acres of open fields for sale that get over grown so twice a month i mow it all down, i charge $70 an acre and they pay biweekly. i do about 15 acres a week. maybe its just were your located, that and i leverage the fact that here the city ordanace states no weeds or grass taller than 8inch's or you get fined by the city.