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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Trendsetterslawncare, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Hey everyone — Sam from Jobber here...

    Thanks so much for all the support, both in terms of testimonials of our software, and honest feedback about what the important features for each of you are.

    gardenkeeper88: We most certainly have not forgotten about you, and Job Costing is still one of our top priorities once we've finished our current round of feature development. It is definitely an important reporting capability to have for any business, and we will be providing a really easy and robust implementation of it.

    I agree that customer support is really important, and I think (based on the comments we receive in these forums and elsewhere) that we're doing a pretty good job of it. Everything from the usability of the software, easy reading documentation, and availability of support all contribute to a great overall user experience, and we aim to only get better at it as we continue to grow. Part of that of course is keeping an ear to the ground and paying attention to forums like LawnSite so that we know when our customers and potential customers are experiencing a pain that we can help solve.

    Thanks again everyone for the kind endorsements, the valuable feedback, and for putting your trust in us. We're really excited to continue improving Jobber and to building working relationships with more and more of you.

    Sam Pillar — Co-Founder of Jobber

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    Wow, definitely going to check jobber out more.... Very impressed after 15 min toying session

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    Still have not seen a solid solution for printing from the iPad in the field, but the ability to do so with just iPad and printer with jobber would be Devine, I'm pretty sure it can be done as it creates PDF files.... Is there a printer yet? Bluetooth or wifi that doesn't need to be connected to a network?
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    Hi KLC LAWN,

    Thanks for the kind words. I put some research into the iPad Printing question last night and to my absolute shock, have discovered that there is actually not currently a good solution to the remote tablet printing issue.

    I was so surprised to find this that I wrote up a quick blog post on the Jobber Blog about what the issues are, and what two of the best solutions for mobile printing would be. You can find the post here:

    In a nutshell the problem is that there isn't any hardware out there that supports a tablet connecting directly to it wirelessly — they all require a WiFi network to be present.

    Currently the best solution seems to be to run a cheap Netbook alongside a mobile printer.

    I'm very eager to see what the hardware manufacturers come up with for mobile tablet printing, as this would obviously be a great thing to be able to easily do for a lot of you.

    Does anyone have a good mobile printing setup they can share? Anyone know of any hardware out there that can do tablet printing effectively?

    Sam Pillar / Jobber
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    Sam is right there is no "good solution". Here are two alternatives I can think of might work.

    1) the iPad 3 will serve as a hotspot (Verizon only) I wonder if your printer connected to that hotspot if you could print? I'm not sure

    2) Someone has got iPad printing to work but there's a WHOLE lot of steps. If you're technical you can check it out
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    Hey Sam from Jobber,

    you probably already answered this before, but is Jobber working with Quickbooks online yet? If so I am sold!. I have not found anything that works with quickbooks online!!
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    Hi kblandscape,

    We actually *just* launched the closed Beta of our QuickBooks Online functionality yesterday, so your timing is perfect! If you send me an e-mail at with your Jobber account name (or sign up for our trial and then send me your account name), I'll send you some details and enable the QuickBooks Online Beta for your account.

    For that matter, anyone else on this board that's interested in trying out our brand new QuickBooks Online integration feature should get in touch with me! I'd be happy to enable it for you —*just keep in mind that this is a Beta feature, so it won't be perfect, but hopefully you can help us get there!


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    Since a lt of printers can print right from a cf card inserted, maybe the iPad cf card attachment and then plug card into printer running off power invertor??? Hmmmm??
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    That's some really creative thinking KLC. A quick google search has revealed that most of the CF card readers for iPad are geared towards photographers. I wonder if that means they specifically read data from the Camera Roll only?

    I'll do a little more investigating and get back.

    - Sam

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