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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by CW-DXer, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Was the aerator a self propelled machine, or what?
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    Yes, self-propelled in a sense. The model in question was a Classen CA-18. it has a small front roller that is chain driven but the two wheels were passive only. This was rented from Home Depot. There were three big issues as far as homeowner usability: 1) It's extremely heavy (which is a good thing in terms of functionality but not great for transporting to/from the store), it's not steerable or easily maneuverable and the tines are raised/lowered by a heavy bar with no mechanical or electrical assist. Changing directions is bloody hard. To reverse your path or do a 90-degree pass you have to stop the drive, raise the tines, pivot and lower the tines. It sounds easy but do it on 50 passes and it becomes painfully tiring.

    You can turn about 30 degrees while still being self-propelled, and if you have a wide-open lawn it might work for a while, but inevitably you'll want to do some re-positioning and your back and neck muscles will pay the price.

    I would have to say that if you're doing an acre or two of wide open green space it would be ideal. A finicky lawn with lots of trees, shrubs, retaining walls and so much.

    Also, the drive is binary, not variable. On or off. If you have the throttle running on full you'll be pulled along. I ran it just fast enough to keep the engine from stalling and the speed was OK.

    Also, make certain that your ground is moist (not soaking wet or hard-and-dry) before use. Water for about 45 minutes or more before use!

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