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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag413, Oct 29, 2006.

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    Okay. What do you guys think is the best lawn care set-up? I am just talking about mowing, spring and fall-clean ups, snow removal.Brand doesn't matter and you don't have a budget. Here is what I have come up with. A 1 ton diesel truck,4x4, snow plow, dump bed pulling a dump trailer that you have a 48"-52" ztr or walkbehind with a bagger, a 21" push mower with a bagger, and a huge backpack blower. This set-up would be for all of your clean-ups. I realize this is overkill for just clean-ups but it is cool to dream. Now for the actual mowing part. An Izuzu diesel truck with a 18' landscape bed with a 60" ztr, 48"-52" ztr or walkbehind,a 21" push mower,2 trimmers, 2 edgers, a handheld blower and a backpack blower. You could throw in a 36" hydro walkbehind to make it close to all you need. I realize I probably left out some things, but just say what else you would want. I know this is close to perfect set-up that I would like. This is just to have some fun with so shoot away more opinions. I know all this depends on how much and what kind of business you have, and you might have to have more than this so just double it or whatever is needed but let's enjoy dreaming. Let's hear so feedback.:usflag:
  2. cantoo

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    My wife does most of the work I just build and fix equipment and help once in awhile.
    We have a 1 ton Chev cube van with rear ramp doors. Inside fits a Walker GHS and a Bobcat 61" midmount, plus all related equipment blowers trimmers etc.
    We have a 1 ton Chev dumptruck that we mount a leaf box in the bed. The 11 hp leaf loader fits into a 2" receiver on the front end. Pulls a 10' trailer with the Walker on it.
    Back up equipment and equipment for other jobs:
    Another 61" Bobcat, JD 60" front mount mower and 60" sweepster,
    Two Steiners with a variety of attachments such as, front mount sprayers, fertilizers spreaders, aerators, leaf blower, blades, seeders, 72" deck, 60"' deck, roller, etc. We also have a 1520 Ford compact tractor with cab and loader. Lots of 3 point hitch equipment: snow blower, 9' pusher blade, seeders, aerators, blades, crowsfoot packer,
    We also have 18 different size trailers to haul equipment and materials. Plus 4 four wheelers to play around with.
  3. qualitylawnmanagement

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    Crew One High End accounts/ smaller property's:
    Chevy 3500 LT regular cab 4x4 6.6 auto w/ 9ft dump, sno-way 32 9ft SS plow
    16ft pace summit 7*16ft enclosed trailer
    Walker MD 48in GHS
    Wright Stander RH 48in w/ blade blocker, bag kit
    Ex-Mark Turf Tracer HP 36in w/ bag kit, stripe kit
    Sthil Trimmers/ Edgers and then 2 Red-Max 8000 BP

    Crew Two Large propertys:
    Chevy 2500HD LT SCLB 4x4 6.6 auto w/ Sno-way 32 8.5 SS plow
    18ft open landscape trailer
    Dixie Chopper SP2800-60in
    Dixie Chopper SP2800-60in
    Ex-Mark Turf Tracer HP 36in w/ bag kit, stripe kit
    Sthil Trimmers/ Edgers and then 2 Red-Max 8000 BP

    Fert Truck:
    Chevy 2500HD W/T regular cab 4x4 6.0 auto w/ Sno-way 29T 8ft SS plow
    Lesco Space Saver Spray tank
    Lesco Spreaders
    rack that is on the trailer hitch w/ ramps
    Perma Ride on spreader

    I plan on have Crew two by the spring got some real nice contracts :weightlifter: . And then year after years the other two crews will show up I hope.
  4. LLandscaping

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    We have a Hino (made by Toyota) with 16ft box and we carry a 52 Scag Turf Tiger, 48 Scag Tiger Cub, 3 Toro 21's, Little Wonder blower and handhelds. Until this year we were pulling a 16ft open trailer. With the box truck you have everything in one truck and if it rains we just close the door.
  5. Dunn's

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    We where just wondering for you guys that use box trucks. How do you get your mowers into them? Do you fabricate some kind of wider ramp or do you have the ones that have the elictric/Hydraulic lifts on the back. Some pictures would be nice.
  6. cantoo

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  7. KS_Grasscutter

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    I guess this is my "dream setup" I am thinking about here...
    Late model GMC/Chevy or Ford 3/4 or 1 ton 4x4 with dumping flatbed with sides for grass. That pulls a 22' open trailer. Mowers: 52in Dixon w/bagger, 42in Walker model C with the high dump kit and one-point deck adjuster, 33in Troy Bilt walkbehind for the smaller gated areas, and a Exmark metro 21" for the tiny gates. Then 2 trimmers, a stick edger, a handheld blower, and a BP blower. Also need hedge trimmer and wb edger. The small stuff would be on TrimmerTrap racks. Cant forget the 20 gal. fuel station deal.
    Then would need a new style 07 half ton Z71 with a 6.5x12 or 14 trailer with 2' expanded metal sides to haul around a Pluggr or Ryan aerator, then a slice-seeder and a power rake. Also use for fertilizing and weed spraying with Lesco sprayer and spreader. Could also use this for a second crew with a 44" Dixon and a 36" Walker.
    Of course, all this would live in a 60x60 heated shop.
  8. Scag413

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    Well the truck I am talking about is not a box truck, it is like one without the box and instead it has an 18' body like a trailer with a ramp. I did forget the trimmer racks and the fuel station. Keep the comments rolling.
  9. cantoo

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    scag, I bought an old ambulance cab and chassis a few months ago. I was going to put a 14' flat bed with a 2 foot beaver tail on it but I got lazy and just put a straight 12' flat bed on it. I have it for sale and am thinking of getting a newer one. The one I bought is a 98 with the powerstroke in it. I can get an 02 for a couple of thousand more and it would be worth the extra time and money to do up right. Too many projects and not enough time. I likely have 50 pieces of equipment for sale.
  10. CAG

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    4x4 cab over with a hook lift to change your bodys as needed.. leaf set up, sander on a hook, dump body and landscape body and then u be in good shape..

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