best shoes for mowing slopes?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by miacharger, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. miacharger

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    Got an odd problem I would like advice on. One of our guys kept slipping on the slope next to a drainage ditch which is mowed by push mower. As a solution I gave him football cleats to wear and there's been no more accidents. It probably looks silly to the tenants, and he's embarrassed to wear them so I gave them a spray of brown paint to look like boots. Regular boots didn't seem to do the trick and although I don't mind wearing cleats it seems to be difficult to convince anyone else to even though the alternative is to fall in waist deep, alligator infested water. Does anyone have an alternative shoe that works as well? In my experience another benefit of football cleats is that they are not as hot as boots and less likely to get rocks inside. Perhaps a hiking boots is a solution?
  2. robertsturf

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    We wear Worx hiking boots with steel toes or similar style, sold at Red-wing stores. We mow a mammoth retention pond with no problems. Cost $80.00 on sale.

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    if 1 leg was shorter.
  4. Reliable Lawns

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    Aligator skinned boots should do the trick! LOL
  5. MTR

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    Knapp's Opanka waterproof hiker boot, $60.00. It has non-slip sole which won't wear out as quickly as others.
  6. TClawn

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    I love the timberland pro steel toed boots. they are about $90 but they are super comfortable, and water proof. they provide great hillside grip. it has a very agressive tread.
  7. Green-Pro

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    Shoe called Lawngrips, I saw these at the Louisville Expo and bought a pair. Steel toed, soccer style footprint/footing, and very, very comfortable. heres the link.

    I know a few others on this board (MarcSmith comes to mind) that bought a pair, never heard any bad about them. I would add they are great on snow also, as far as traction, lot of snow & ice here already this year and they have held up great.
  8. TClawn

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    How are they if you do a lot of walking? do they have good arch support/shock absorbtion?

    that is the one thing that the timberland pro are good at is absorbing shock, and have great arch support. the tread is pretty good, but those boots are a bit heavy for walking all the time. great for landscaping, because they are water proof, etc.
  9. cward76

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    Try a pair of Danner's (Danner Grouse 8"). They have a pair that has a cleat like sole( Danner Bob)that holds very good. I have two pair, 7 years on one and 2 on the other. My oldest pair has been through the mill(very tuff and comfortable). I wear the other pair for good. Go to look under Shop Danner(hunting).Check them out.Or
  10. K c m

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    all i do is turn my right boot into the heel so just the edge grabs it and its fine. usally can walk while on gear 4 on a steep slope.

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