Best six dollars an hour work I ever saw of shrubs.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Aug 19, 2006.

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    I posted a thread awhile back about a lady that cussed at me when I quoted her 1200-1400 to do her shrub trimming, had not been done in at least 6 years. I rode by her house yesterday and this man who would make olderthandirt seem young was trimming it. I stopped to talk with him since I do mow the ladies yard and he told me he was getting six an hour! His work was excellent to, I could not have done it any better myself. He asked me if I was the one who had quoted her a price and I told him yes. He then asked me what I quoted and I usually dont tell but I did this time and he reared back and said " **** Im working way to cheap and I told him yes you are. He then asked me if I needed any help and I told him yes I could use some on shrubs and I told him I would give him 8 an hour and if he was fast would go more. He told me I would have to come get him since he had no car, could not afford one. I looked at him and grinned and asked him do you know why you dont have a car, you are not charging these cheapskapes what you are worth but he seemed happy with the 6 bucks an hour. Today saw him again and he was not even half way threw yet and had a helper with him. Told me he had earned his 2 days pay of this job of 96 bucks:laugh: and he would not do it again. Its hard to compete with these folks so I had rather hire him, quote my 45 bucks and hour, pay him 10 and just drop him off and pick him up in the afternoon and not have done a dang thing and made over 30 per hour:laugh: When will folks learn, dont sale yourself short.
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    There is a saying in the stock market

    "Bears make money, Bulls make money, and Pigs get slaughtered"

    Call me naive but if his work is as good as you say and you can bill 45 per hour for his work you should pay the man what he is worth, at least 15-16 per hour. If he works slowly and you are on fixed bid jobs then I could see his value being less but that is not what you described.

    Sure you may make a few quick bucks but this is not a win win situation and it most likely will not last. You will lose him as an employee and you will be back on lawnsite complaining about low-ballers and the lack of work etc.

    Karma baby, Earl is not the only one who believes in the Karma. Do the right thing, pay the man what he is worth.
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    start him off low like you said just to back yourself up on this then do what A-Z said and raise him on up.
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    I agree with you Sir,your answer is excellent
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I agree 100% AZ. I would gladly pay him that amount if he proved his worth. He made a comment about he did not get in a hurry nor did he say how long he had been there. I have said that many times if you pay a person their worth they will usually make you a good and happy employ. I would have to try him for a short time to see how profitable he is and also dependable. I have ALWAYS paid my help much more than the average for my area. Most big time lco,s pay around 6 to 7 an hour and I rarely pay less than 10. I am not a cheap azz.

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