Best size enclosed trailer for my equipment?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. knox gsl

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    Load your current trailer/truck with everything you own for mowing, everything. Weight it loaded and then take it all off and get a reweight. Do the math, add 20%, add weight of new trailer and that is how much axle capacity you will need.
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  2. Mike Fronczak

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    I must be a scrub then.
    7 years ago we (my wife & I) were faced with a decision. I worked from my house, I could either spend 100 K on a shop, or move. Taxes alone on that building wre almost 10 K & it was in the ghetto. We decided on the latter. My current shop is a 36 x80 building, 1/3 heated & insulated, etc. NEXT TO MY HOUSE, we have 9 acres, but it was originall a 250 acre apple farm, all the land is still farm land (either orchard or field crop), the farmers that bought most of the land have about 5K acres & are still expanding, so no neighbors to complain. I have been doing this since '95 & have more aquired equipment than I care to mention. I was out there at one point looking around & was l feeling like "what the hell happened", I remember starting with a 4x8 trailer & a 21" Homlite, behind my toyota. Around here I would venture to guess 1/2 the companies are set up as mine, some do several million (or more), from behind there house.

    Back to the original posters question, I have a 20' x 102" ? I think. We can get two zero turns & a 48" & 36" WB (side by side). Racks hold the handhelds. It is HEAVY though. I didn't spring for the 10K trailer, only the 7K, so it is probably close to the GVW.
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  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    More good info guys...but not buying a new truck anytime soon.
    The V8 Dakota must be able to pull.
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    Based on this I think the 6x12 or 7x14 is the way to go. I've actually thought about putting trailer brakes on my single axle enclosed. I have a substantial amount of money tied up in my graphics lettering on my current I'm kinda stuck for now.

    One of the previous posts mentioned a V nose or side loading 7x14 enclosed. If I had a full size truck that is more tow.capable than what I have now I'd probably go.that route. The 2 extra feet is not the end of the world as for.parking but the added time saved n not dig out a mower up front thus move nearly everything out of the way is worth more than 2 feet of parking. convenience. Also wind drag is reduced with a v nose.
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  5. knox gsl

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    I have a side laoding gate on my 16' open trailer and it saves alot of hassle getting the WB off the front. Its also nice to have when doing mulch jobs being able to drop the gate and not have to deal with wheeling mulch around curbs or to the driveway.
  6. DoetschOutdoor

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    You are exactly the kind of business I was not talking about. Your setup is what most people would strive to get. I was referring to the guys that keep their little enclosed trailer in their driveway and say they operate a big lawn company. There are about 3 or 4 alone in my residential neighborhood, part timers that keep too much equipment at their houses, with no shop anywhere in sight.
  7. cuttin-to-the-Max

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    These are the people who end up heart broken, They fill their trailer up with EVERY tool they have ever bought! Then cry when they get robbed!

    Why would you carry your expensive hedge trimmers and chain saws when you are just going out to mow?!?!?!

    To be honest with you in my enclosed trailers i have 2-3 Mowers,whips,blowers, and a couple shovels or rakes. I dont keep my generators,tools,handhelds,etc. in there on a daily basis! There's no point!

    Thats what i have a shop for! Then the trailers get put into the locked shop at the end of the night..

    If i were you i would get a 8X14+ Enclosed tandem axle trailer...
    That way if you ever upgrade to a 60-72" mower you wont have any problems getting it in there
  8. benplow

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    IMG_5648.PNG I read this thread in winter 2014. Since then I have put together my own rendition of a "lawn care trailer".

    2006 3/4 ton chevy duramax (bought w/plow)
    Tandem axel 8.5'x16' enclosed V nose
    Gravely 252z w/ 3 bag collection system 25hp
    44" toro proline hydro walkbehind 17hp
    Toro Turfmaster 30" (not a huge fan but it does lots of work and compact enough)
    21" toro recycler
    (2) redmax 260 stick trimmers
    (2) redmax 7500 blowers
    Sthil 130 head Kombi System with edger, poll saw, pivoting hedge trimmer, tiller, extension
    Large nylon Bags for debris/clean ups
    Echo Chainsaw 18" bar
    (2) 2.5 gallon No spill gas cans
    (1) 2.5 gallon no spill 2-cycle can (clearly labeled with black paint)
    Homemade trimmer rack
    Homeade hooks for blowers
    (Kombi Rack system still in early design stages, any examples out there?)
    And last but not least, a tool box attached to my shelf I fit into the V.

    Only thing I wish I had done different was buy with or add a dump body on my truck.

    I'd probably upgrade to a 60-61" deck once I got bigger and use my 252 as back up.

    I love the 8.5' wide trailer. It really give you lots of room!
  9. brycez28

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    I carry most of my tools with me, all the time. My specialty/large project tools supplies stay at the shop.

    I've gone to just mow client's property. Client comes out, she had a medium size decorative tree with a branch that is covered in a fungus that is killing it and she wants me to remove the branch (3" diameter at base, 8' long). Yep, no problem! Go to my truck, grab my chainsaw and can of pruning seal and have the task done in no-time.

    1. Made the customer super happy that I could do the job right away.
    2. I didn't incur additional travel/time expense that would have made the small job cost prohibitive for the customer, since the shop would be a 30 minute drive one way from the client if I had to go get the chainsaw. I just charged $15 for the trimming while I was already there.
    3. All of my equipment is insured and my insurance agent has an updated list of all my equipment with values and serial numbers. If someone were to steal my trailer with all my equipment, it wouldn't matter anymore to me if they just stole the stuff I used/needed every day or the everyday stuff and things I use once in while. Either way I would only have my backup equipment at the shop left to work with for the immediate time being and my deductible is the same if I had $2000 in equipment or $8000 in it stolen.

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